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HL 4225 390KV high efficiency heavy duty disc motor

Price $34.99


ModelW42-25 390KV
Idel current0.2A at 7.4V
Net weight87g
Max cell number supported6S Lipo
Max current15A
Recommended ESC20A
Working current<11A
Max power330W
Internal resistance0.24Ω
Applicationspecially designed for quadcopter and multi-rotor aircrafts.

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- HL disk type motors specially designed for multi-rotor aircrafts.
- Utilizing 0.2mm Silicon steel sheets.
- Well balanced at factory, ensures maximum efficiency and low noise.
- Higher g/w ratio, very good choice for muti-rotor application.
- New motor mount suits for different mounting spaces.
- New prop adaptor design, you can fix the prop with prop adaptor, or mount the new series carbon fiber props directly to the motor without using prop adaptor.

Found 5 years, 3 months ago at BevRC
Price $34.99