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NoteYou Must Install these Drivers BEFORE you plug in the USB!

BONUS: The receiver can be powered directly from the computer - right through the provided USB cable, or from an external battery!, :, , :, , Size:, , Weight:, , Input Voltage:, , Input Power:, , Antenna Inputs:, , RF Sensitivity:, , Video Output:, , Dual Audio Outputs:, , Microphone Input:, , Microphone Volume:, , Output Connection:,

Description: Take a good look at tomorrow! Our newest diversity receiver is computer USB ready! YellowJacket 5.8 USB has all the features of our legendary YellowJacket Pro plus a direct low-latency USB output that plugs directly into a PC or laptop. The receiver also has a standard 75 ohm video and ... more details »
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Found 1 year, 2 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
FY-41AP firmware for fix-wing V1.22Download
FY module firmware upgrade software and manualDownload
The latest FY-DOS&41AP-SETTING software V1.11 for fix-wingDownload
FY-41AP manual for fix-wingRead online
More FY-41AP related downloadsClick in
FY-41AP OSD display part firmware V1.22aDownload
FY module firmware upgrade software and manualDownload
Supported servo output50Hz refresh frequency
Recommended TransmitterPCM or 2.4GHz with minimum 6 channels
FY-41AP Module Working Voltage5.3V@0.2A( Powered by Power Manager)
Air speed senor0 ~ 200KM/h
Power Manager35g(50×24×18mm)
Working Voltage RangePower of battery 7~26V (2S ~ 6S)
Measuring current0~100A
Power for FY-41AP module5.3V@2A
Power for Video transmission system12V@2A
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 50°C

Flight stabilization is achieved via an integrated 3 axis gyro, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis magnetometer and a barometric pressure sensor. This enables the module to accurately measure flight attitude, earth azimuth & relative altitude to achieve:, - Extremely stable conventional flight pattern, > Related download for fix-wing :, Reminder from Feiyu-tech: You should to do the firmware upgrade separately for FY-41AP-OSD control module and OSD module. UART1 is the interface connects to the data radio, PC computer serial port to do the firmware upgrade for FY-41AP control module.If you want to upgrade the firmware of FY-41AP OSD module,please, Integrated OSD Video Overlay System, FY-41AP overlays flight telemetry information onto video image. Information displayed includes: Altitude, Speed, Direction, Home Direction and many more., Feiyu tech kindly remind you: You should to do the firmware upgrade separately for FY-41AP-OSD control module and OSD module. UART2 is the interface connects to the PC computer serial port to do the firmware upgrade for FY-41AP OSD module.If you want to upgrade the firmware of  flight control part ,please, :, 1, Normal / Traditional fixed-wing planes;, Assistant Software System Require,

Description: Introduction FY-41AP is an inertial attitude measurement instrument used for FPV flight on fixed-wing aircrafts and multi-rotors aircrafts. It has an integrated OSD video overlay system that presents critical flight information such as power management, airspeed, altitude, and flight direction via its electronic compass, allowing for a clear visual flight ... more details »
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Found 1 week, 2 days ago at ReadyMadeRC
User Manualtinytel.pdf
Description: A TINY TELEMETRY DOWNLINK FOR YOUR FPV AIRCRAFT... The TinyTelemetry is another unique product from ImmersionRC. With the weight of only 15 grams and the size of 65 x 7 x 7 mm this is a perfect companion for small FPV planes where the weight is critical and antenna tracking ... more details »
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Found 2 years, 7 months ago at ReadyMadeRC

Features:, Frequency Band:, 900MHz - 1300Mhz, Number of Channels:, 12, Channels:, 0:910 MHz, 1:980 MHz, 2:1010 MHz, 3:1040 MHz, 4:1080 MHz, 5:1120 MHz,, 6:1160 MHz, 7:1200 MHz, 8:1240 MHz, 9:1280 MHz, A:1320 MHz, B:1360 MHz, Video Output:, 75 Ohm, RCA, Power Consumption:, 250mA, Audio Output:, 10k Ohm, RCA, Power Supply:, 12V/500mA, Antenna Connector:, SMA Connector, Weight:, 140 g, Dimensions:, 115 x 80 x 21 mm, Warranty:, 3 months, Note:, Please note this receiver comes without a power supply.,

Description: Highly integrated 12 channel digital display receiver. Compact size. Manual up-down channel switcher. This unit requires external power supply or battery to operate. (Not included) Operation Voltage DC 12V Standard NTSC/PAL more details »
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Found 4 years, 7 months ago at ngHobbies
Resolution720×480 720×576 640×480 (pixel for pixel raw video frame – no crop or scale)
FormatNTSC or PAL
CodecXvid Mpeg4
Bitrate8000Kb/s (high quality mode – 4GB for 1 hour)
Audio inputInternal/External Mic
Playback speed1x 2x 4x 8x 20x (both forwards and reverse)
SD CardSDHC Card Class 10 recommended (sold separately)
Excellent choices for SD Cards16GB Class 10

Included in the package:, DVR, Available accessories:, ,

Description: Due to pricing and reliability issues, we are no longer carrying the FPV-Japan DVR. Please check out the new RMRC FPV1000 DVR , with increased reliability and a significantly lower price! If you have a DVR using the same hardware and wish to upgrade to our firmware, you can use ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 7 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Description: HP-DS13-TCB Hyperion Atlas digital micro servo. Perfect for compact pan and tilt projects, robotics, and R/C hobby applications. Out of the box this servo is a great performer. However, it really shines when you use the optional USB Programmer (available at additional cost) to customize its features. It's a breeze ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 8 months ago at DPCAV
ATTENTIONAccording to
Wing Area36dm/3.9ft2 (Mainwing Area)
MotorBrushless motor M2220 Kv1350 or M2815 KV1280
ESC40A for M2220 or 60A for M2815
Servo3pcs 17g servo+ 1pcs 9g servo.
BatteryLi-Po 11.1V 2400 mAh for M2220 and  5000mAh for M2815 recommended
Static ThrustMotor M2220 1.5Kg/53.0oz.
Payload600-1000G/21.5-35.5oz (Payload is the extra weight it can carry besides the standard ARF weight)
MaterialEPO Wing and fuselage/ Wooden rib reinforcement/ aluminum alloy Pipe/Carbon Fiber pipe
Part NoFUP1205
17gServo3PCS/ 9g servo
Propeller 90601PCS
60A ESC Programming manualHERE

ARF Weight:   0.98kg/34.6oz.ARF is the weight including almost ready to fly, not including battery and your extra FPV devices, Forum Discussions:, RCGroups, WANT A CAMERA PAN/TILT SYSTEM? Our pan/tilt units will drop right in to our version of the Penguin using the included wood base mount.  There are a few choices sold separately:, , Finwing Penguin Features:, , Airplane flight video please visit:,, More high definition photos visit:,,

Description: UN1133 shipping regulations, the glue contained in t his product cannot ship via Air service. We will remove the glue for Air or International orders. Includes Penguin Kit with all servos, M2815 Motor, and 60A ESC with switchmode BEC! Motor M2815 1.95kg/69oz, Max.flight weight more than 2.2kg/77.0oz Great review of ... more details »
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Found 1 year, 8 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Channel resolution1024 (10 bit)
Max Channel Count10 channel
PPM ModePositive/Negative PPM selectable
Cable Length120cm
SoftwareGNU licensed OpenSource Software for everyone
- go to SysWOW64 folder on command prompt (type "cd cwindowssyswow64")

For people wiring directly without using the trainer plug, the wiring configuration is:, Features:, Control Application with full source code under GNU license:, , Software Download :, latest version, Windows XP/Vista/7  USB drivers :,,

Description: The CompuFly generates a PPM stream that can be used by many R/C transmitters for flying with computer joystick/mouse/etc. This model comes with a JR trainer cord connector. It can also be wired directly to a long range system such as the Scherrer LRS or EZUHF for those with some ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 7 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rating: 5 - 5 reviews
- Interpupillary distance63.5mm fixed
- Battery700mAh, 7.4V
- Power consumption @ 7.4V140mA/290mA (wire/wireless)
- Lens3.6mm IR coated 87 degree FOV
- AudioLeft/right stereo low sensitivity
- Electrical3.5-5.5V, 60mA @ 5V
- Mechanicalhigh impact plastic, 15g, lens locking ring
- Imager¼” 420TVL CMOS, NTSC
- Termination5p Molex (IRC/Fat Shark TX plug/play)
5.8G TX Specifications- Frequency
- Transmitting power100mW
- Input voltage6~12V

Included in box:, - Predator VGA headset with integrated head tracking and 5.8G receiver., Headset Specifications:, - FOV 25 degree diagonal, full color VGA resolution LCD display, Camera Specifications:, Recommended accessories:, - Turnigy 9X radio (supports head tracking function),

Description: The easiest way to get started with FPV! HobbyKing and Fat Shark have worked together to bring you a Ready to Fly package that eliminates the guess work typicaly associated with FPV setups. This easy to use all-in-one solution provides a scalable platform that is simple to put together yet ... more details »
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Found 4 years ago at HobbyKing
Pixel752 x 582(NTSC)
Horizontal resolution520TV Lines
Minimum Illumination0.1Lux/F1.2
Auto backlight compensationOn/OFF switchable
Input voltageDC12V
Electric current80MA±5MA
Electronic ShutterAuto
Video output1.0Vp~p75Ω
Operation Temp.-10~+50?
Size38 x 38
Power supply12V/150mA
Voltage Regulator3S -> 5v
Without voltage regulator2~6V

Image device:, 1/3-inch Sony super HAD color CCD, Synchronization:, Internal synchronization, S/N Ratio:, Greater than 48dB(AGC OFF/B/W OFF), White balance:, Auto Tracking White Balance, PAL:, 1/50 to 1/100,000 seconds, Weight:8g, Channels:, 4 (2.4101 GHz, 2.4301 GHz, 2.4501 GHz, 2.4701 GHz), Usage:, 1 x 3S lipoly will power the camera and via the voltage regulator it will power the Tx on 5v. You will need a 2.4Ghz video receiving unit to receive the image. We do not include the 2.4Ghz Rx unit because there are many different types and styles available and bundling them together will not suit most customers.,

Description: Compatible with most 2.4Ghz video receiver systems this FPV camera and transmitter system is very versatile as well as light and very small. The camera uses a quality glass lensed SONY CCD camera system. Unlike other generic systems, we have produced a wiring loom and included it with the camera ... more details »
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Found 4 years ago at HobbyKing
Description: This sensitive electret microphone works with 3-15V power supply. No cable included in this version. It is a perfect choice for your transmitter's audio channel. Solder the pads to transmitters power and audio input. It weighs only 0.7gr! Download PDF for Pinouts more details »
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Found 4 years, 7 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rating: 5 - 5 reviews
- Power Requirements5-7.4v DC, ~65 mA

:, - The First Commercial Antenna Tracker for FPV/UAV use,

Description: ImmersionRC FPV Antenna Tracker (for EzOSD) - Simple audio connection to an A/V receiver, and two servos - Uses telemetry data downlinked from an EzOSD, or TinyTelemetry module - Integrated LCD, displays live telemetry and sensor data, including EzUHF link status - Standard USB port for firmware upgrade - Three ... more details »
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Found 4 years ago at HobbyKing
Description: GREAT NEW FEATURE! The FY30A can now also control multi-rotor aircraft in addition to fixed wing! You need to load the firmware version based on how you want to use the system (comes with fixed wing firmware). Firmware and instructions are located HERE. Multi-rotor instructions HERE. USB update cable available ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 7 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Beam360 degree doughnut

Radiation pattern:,

Description: This amazing creation is built by Alex Greve (IBCrazy). The cloverleaf antenna design has proven to be one of the best antenna designs for FPV flying. This 2.4GHz antenna is right hand circular polarized, and can be used with linearly polarized antennas (with some loss) or a more perfect match ... more details »
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Found 2 years, 12 months ago at ReadyMadeRC

Note: Please make sure you compare the connections of this cable with your original cable. Please put them side by side and verify that all pins are matching! If not, with a small pin it is very easy to remove and reinsert the terminals in the correct order! Please make sure you verify it, otherwise you can cause damage to your camera!!!!,

Description: This is a replacement 4 pin camera cable for easy installation. Will fit most of the NGH OSD cameras, KX-555 and many others which have 4 pin connectors. This cable can be used in conjunction with Many OSD systems - Eagletree OSD, Blackstork OSD, etc. providing direct plug in to ... more details »
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Found 2 years, 7 months ago at ngHobbies
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