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Contains TWO antennas3 lobe TX, and 4 lobe RX
Max speeds without significant deflection110 mph
Connector typeSMA male straight.  RIGHT ANGLE ADAPTER INCLUDED!
Whip length2″/5cm

Radiation pattern:,

Description: The Blue Beam antenna set is a direct fit circularly polarized antenna replacements for your whip antennas. These will greatly increase your video range and clarity. The new Blue Beam Whip antenna set is mounted on a small but very stiff 2″ cable extension. This allows the antenna to be ... more details »
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Found 3 years, 11 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rating: 5 - 5 reviews
Description: This simple ply wood FPV Camera mount is easy to assemble and install. The flat bed allows for multiple types of cameras and/or pan & tilt setups to be mounted along with your FPV transmitter of choice. Create your own plug and go FPV setup that drops right in to ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 10 months ago at HobbyKing
Description: This is a 30cm audio/video cable compatible with FatShark goggles and ImmersionRC equipment that uses a 3.5mm audio/video connector. This is the same as the standard cables included with ImmersionRC EZOSD, Duo Diversity Receivers, and some other equipment. Due to a lack of an industry standard, these cable may not ... more details »
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Found 5 years, 4 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Beam width360 degree doughnut
Multipath rejection9db
Description: The skew planar wheel from "IBCrazy" is a circularly polarized omni directional antenna that has revolutionized FPV. Use this antenna as both a TX antenna and an RX antenna. This antenna has good axial ratio and rejects multipath interference very well. Couple this antenna with a Cloverleaf antenna for mid ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 1 month ago at ReadyMadeRC
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rating: 5 - 5 reviews
Field of view32 degree
Virtual image size80 inches
Audio & Videoinput/output
Input voltage8~13V
Antenna connectionRP-SMA

Display resolution:, VGA 640x480 RGB, 922k pixels, Frequency:, 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz (selectable), 2.4G :, 2414,2432,2450,2468,2370,2390,2490,2510MHZ, 5.8G :, 5705,5865,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945MHZ,

Description: Add a totally new dimention to your R/C car, plane or heli! These video goggles give you a high resolution display. It's just like you were flying the plane/heli yourself! And because these goggles are 5.8Ghz ready, they wont interfere with your current 2.4Ghz system! These 640x480 resolution 2.4/5.8Ghz Dual ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 10 months ago at HobbyKing
NoteYou Must Install these Drivers BEFORE you plug in the USB!

BONUS: The receiver can be powered directly from the computer - right through the provided USB cable, or from an external battery!, :, , :, , Size:, , Weight:, , Input Voltage:, , Input Power:, , Antenna Inputs:, , RF Sensitivity:, , Video Output:, , Dual Audio Outputs:, , Microphone Input:, , Microphone Volume:, , Output Connection:,

Description: Take a good look at tomorrow! Our newest diversity receiver is computer USB ready! YellowJacket 5.8 USB has all the features of our legendary YellowJacket Pro plus a direct low-latency USB output that plugs directly into a PC or laptop. The receiver also has a standard 75 ohm video and ... more details »
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Found 2 years ago at ReadyMadeRC
Description: It’s really a powerful strobe with low power consumption (50mA per hours) and it saves your plane's life when you lose the orientation or plane’s current position at night. STROBON drives the white power LED with 1000mA for 40ms (2 x 20ms pulses) on every second and this generates very ... more details »
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Found 2 years, 1 month ago at ReadyMadeRC

When purchased with the pan/tilt kit, comes with a mounting plate that will fit many popular FPV cameras including:, , Note: careful routing of camera wiring is required to prevent binding during 180 degree or 360 degree operation., This kit will include*:, , Other options include:, , Note: for the "no servo" option, it is up to the customer to modify the assembly if required.  The system was designed for TG9e or HS-65HB servos.  Any other servo must be aligned properly for proper gear engagement., You'll need to supply:, , Manual:, Sky Sufer Pod Instructions,

Description: A Sky Surfer FPV pod that uses a custom mechanism allowing for full 180 degree (+/- 90 degree) panning without the need for any modifications to a servo or without the need for a servo stretcher. A full 360 degree pan (+/- 180 degrees) is possible with the addition of ... more details »
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Found 5 years, 4 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Freq band1.2G 4 channels,
Freq band1.2G 4 channels,
Power consuptionDC12V@90mA.

Tx Spec:, DC:12V@280mA, Rx Spec:, Your purchase includes:, 1* 1.2G 700mw racewood  Tx,

Description: The combo comes from the leading RF module company in Taiwan racewood, which offer RF modules to lawmate, the racewood and lawmate 1.2G video Rx share the same RF module from racewood, what's more, the racewood offer unmatched excellent service for any product they sell, instant replacement for a new ... more details »
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Found 5 years, 4 months ago at BevRC
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Rating: 3 - 3 reviews
Power consumption max250mW
Power supply5V DC
IncludesFPV Joystick

Joystick Features:, Ergonomic, ambidextrous stick with trigger and five buttons-all positioned for instant access in the heat of a battle., Spec:,

Description: The FPV Joystick System can control up to 4 channels on your FPV RC model! This makes for a great way to experience the ultimate in FPV by giving you the feel of flying your model with a real flight stick. Included is the USB connector, FPV system 1.5 for ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 10 months ago at HobbyKing

package including:, One tx with cables,,

Description: If you are using a 2.4G radio, or you fly with some 2.4G radio gears, don't forget to add a low pass filter to your 0.9G/1.3G vidoe transmitters to cut down the h armonic interference. This maybe the longest system suitable for FPV, the Tx is only 31g, but give ... more details »
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Found 5 years, 4 months ago at BevRC
Description: The Fat Shark RCV922 Aviator Edition is designed specifically for piloting RC planes. The RCV922 headset's unique features are impressive; the largest FOV (field of view) of any commercially available headset, the only headset with a built in receiver, the only headset designed and manufactured specifically for FPV (First Person ... more details »
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Found 5 years, 5 months ago at ngHobbies

Channels:, 0-C,

Description: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.3G Wireless AV Receiver Feature?Digital display,receive sensitive,many working channels,convenience,credigility,suit for wireless surveillance projects. Working Voltage? DC 12V Weight? 136g Diemsion(L*W*H) ?110*60*20mm Figure Color? silver Package? Rx?1 antenna?RCA cables Operation Temperature? -10??+50? (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,H,C) 0.910G 0.980G 1.010G 1.040G 1.080G 1.120G 1.160G 1.200G 1.240G 1.280G 1.320G 1.360G more details »
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Found 5 years, 4 months ago at BevRC
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rating: 5 - 5 reviews
CCD sensor type1/3 color SONY CCD
Scanning systemInterlaced scanning
Horizontal resolution420TV line
S/N Ratio48dB
Gamma Modification0.45
White balanceAuto
Auto backlight compensationAuto
Input voltage9~12.6V
Electronic Shutter1/50 (60) ~ 1/100,000s
Video output1.0VP-P composite video
Operation Temp.-20~50
Flight timeApprox 60min/100mah 3S
Channel8-Ch, AV synchronization
Input voltage12V
Frequency0.9G 0.910G,0.980G,1.010G,1.040G

Audio: No,

Description: 12 Channel 900Mhz Tx/Rx video system with CCD camera. A high-power tx system for long range, clear video. Unlike other generic systems, we have produced a wiring loom and included it with the camera so that the Tx and camera will be compatible and on the same voltage. If you ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 10 months ago at HobbyKing
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rating: 5 - 5 reviews
Weight28g incl. battery
Video640x480 pixel
Battery200mAh Lipo
FPS30 (True Rating)
Camera lens2-million CMOS
Angle of view72 degree
Photo formatJPEG 1600x1200
Audio formatWave
Minimum illumination1LUX
Continuous video recording time80min
Power consumption150mA/3.7V (max.)
Storage temp.-10~70C
Operating temp.-10~60C
USB interfaceUSB1.1/2.0
Operating system2000/XP/Vista 32
Storage consumption1GB/40min
Charge periodAbout 2 hours
Included accessoriesTurnigy 52DV camera

Specification:, Voice-activated standby time:, 250 hours standby time, Type of memory card:, Micro SD card /TF card (Not included), Capacity of memory card:, Can support upto 16GB (max.), Player software:, Media player / KM player,

Description: It's ultra small light weight design and low cost make it a great camera for casual in flight videos. The TR52DV unit can be connected to your PC via the included USB cable for charging or transfering movie files. It's simple design makes it extremely easy to use. No extra ... more details »
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Found 4 years, 10 months ago at HobbyKing
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