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Spartan Futaba 512K Ultra-PAC-II

Price $67.20


The UltraPAC range of memory modules is fully compatible with the following transmitter sets:, Futaba 9Z, 9ZWC, 9ZWC2 (a.k.a. ZAP/ZHP), Features:, Equipped with a large memory capacity giving you the equivalent of up to eight individual 64K CAMPacs,


SpartanRC Futaba 512K Ultra Pac II
Spartan RC has developed a range of memory modules for use with all Futaba and Robbe FC series transmitters with CAMPac expansion capability. UltraPAC is unique; it is the first and only alternative to a 64K CAMPac. Yet new UltraPAC-II, not only has up to eight times the capacity of a standard CAMPac, but also has the ability to activate the secret service menu of your Futaba radio (excludes 64K version). Thus you can now obtain access to settings formerly known only by Futaba service technicians. Among other functions, you can fully re-calibrate you 9Z radio after you DIY replace the backup battery, a full reset or just to make sure that everything works as it should do.
Futaba 9C (Field Force 9 or FF9)
Futaba 8U (Field Force 8 or FF8)
Robbe FC-18 (v3)
Robbe FC-28 (v3)

Fully compatible with all Futaba transmitters which support the CAMPac memory expansion.
Integrated device self-test.
Integrated memory integrity test.
Integrated service menu enabler.
The UltraPAC acts as the electronic key required to gain access your transmitters secret service menu. (512K versions only)
Integrated memory bank erase feature gives you a fresh start when needed.
New Push-button/LED memory bank switching mechanism that does not require removal of the module from the transmitter.
Individual write protection for each memory bank.
Fits perfectly under the plastic dust cap covering the memory slot. No modifications required and your radio will not look any different! Fits perfectly inside the case of an original CAMPac if you have one.
Factory assembled with state-of-the-art surface-mount components and gold plated connectors for increased reliability.
Industrial rating components ensure operation of the UltraPAC even at temperatures below freezing.

Found 5 years, 3 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $67.20