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Futaba 10CHG 2.4GHz w/R6014HS Receiver (Mode 1)

Price $579.00


Features:, New Futaba's FASST (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) shifts very quickly virtually eliminating signal conflicts andinterruptions unlike other 2.4GHz systems that only stay on one or two frequencies., Includes:, 10CHG 10-Channel Transmitter,


Futaba 10CHG 2.4GHz w/R6014HS Receiver (Mode 1)
Futaba's new 10CHG Transmitter comes with a comes with an 8 channel R6014HS FAAST receiver. The new reciever allows you to switch from normal to high speed mode. High speed mode sets channels 1 through 6 (digital servos only) at a higher frame rate of 7ms compared to 14ms which will increase the response time.

Dual antenna diversity enables FASST system to automatically and seamlessly select the best reception between the two antennas built into the receiver ensuring that the aircraft stays under constant control of transmitter regardless of altitude.
Graphics for programming swash plate types, swash ring and logic switches allowing timer activation or other function just by changing positions of specific sticks or functions.

Slider Switches
Rotary Dials
More Programmable Mixes
More Factory-Defined Mixes
R6014HS Receiver
Built-in 2.4GHz Transmitter Module (non-removeable)
6 programmable heli mixes
Hover throttle
8 swash plate types with graphics
Swash AFR
5 point revo mixing
Gyro menu
7 point throttle and pitch curves with delay
High/low pitch setting
Throttle hold and three idle-ups with delay

R6014HS 2.4GHz Receiver
Switch harness

Note* Mode1 transmitter. Throttle is on the right stick.

Found 5 years, 3 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $579.00