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Pro Tricopter Delrin Kit v1.2

Price $94.99


Frame parts made from precision laser cut Delrin3 Motor mounts, complete Yaw mechanism, 2 main body frame parts
.  Kit frame and motor mounts150g, kit hardware
Includes all frame and motor mounting hardwarescrews, nuts, ball bearings, servo to motor pushrod using ball links, Yaw axle, and stand-offs

Weight:, Fully flight ready built kit with all electronics, flight controller, motors, escs (without battery) weighs,


Quick Overview

The v1.2 Pro Tricopter Delrin Kit by fpvmanuals features folding arms, motor UP or DOWN mounting options, mounting support for most motors, and a ZeroYawSlop yaw assembly.


The new v1.2 of the Pro Tricopter Delrin Kit features motor mounting up or down choice, folding booms for easy storage/transport, super precise ZeroYawSlop yaw assembly, strong Delrin construction, a bamboo camera mount, clear acrylic feet, easy Y6 conversion with optional accessory, and much more. The kit comes with all hardware to assembly the frame, but does not come with booms/arms. This is the new v1.2 which now supports many more motor mounting choices including the NX-4000 series, DT-750, AX2213N, and the typical out-runners with 16mmx19mm mounting holes. To see videos, additional pictures, build examples, and build instructions, go to the
tricopter page on fpvmanuals

This kit does not come with arms/booms and requires electronics and assembly. You may need extra hardware to mount your motors, read below!
Key enhancements for version 1.2*
Mount any Motor!
-- New motor mounts that mount most motors including regular out-runners with 16mmx19mm mounting holes, HK NX-4000 series, DT-750, and AX-2213N. *
KK Board Now Fits By Default
-- Hardware package now includes 4 additional 10mm male/female spacers which you can use to increase the clearance between the frame and the flight controller cover -- this allows easy mounting of the HobbyKing Quadcopter KK board. * Stronger servo mounting bracket. * Nylon screws for the back arm have been replaced with steel screws to add strength. * Better Hardware -- We improved the hardware and are now including lock-nuts for the frame steel screws. * We are now only making the black kit and have retired the white kit.

Some additional information on the FPVLAB thread located

Specifications and Kit Features

The kit can be assembled with the motors pointing up (regular) or down, for “zero prop-wash” effect. Your choice!

Front arms can be folded back for transport/storage and can be secured with a screw and nut, if required for acrobatic flying

1 Camera mount for GoPro and/or flight cam. Made of vibration slowing bamboo.

3 feet made of clear acrylic

1 flight controller cover made of fluro acrylic that protects your flight controller in case of an upside down crash. Now fits the KK Board via included 10mm stand off extensions.

More on kit weight and thrust

The Yaw mechanism uses precision ball-bearings that are pressed into the Delrin, requiring no glue. The axle for the Yaw mechanism is made of airplane grade aluminum. The assembly provides for
. The kit also comes with ball links and threaded rod to create a slop free push-rod to connect the servo arm to the Yaw control horn.

Includes a jig to help you with preparing your arms and where to drill the pivot holes

The kit does not include arms
giving you the choice of arm material and arm length and also lowers your shipping cost. You can use cheap and easily replaced 10mm wood squares or aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.  Make it to your own preference.
Users have built the kit with 3/8″
wood arms which are easier to source in the US (which are 9.5mm).

If you purchase HK 800kv motors or HK DT-750 motors, you will not require to drill any holes or think about getting the correct hardware. 2mm screws and nuts to mount all motors are included. The kit also supports out-runners with 16mmx19mm mounting holes (But needed M3 screws and spacers not included in the kit).

Kit Version v1.2 Updates (as of April 2012)

We switched the servo bracket to accomodate Hitec micro servos like the HS-85MG (metal gears). Hitec servos generally are much easier go get around the world than the previous BlueBird servo. Hitec makes a variety of micro servos and they all have slightly different sizes, so some minor sand papering may still be required to make your servo fit.

We switched the ball links for the push rod assembly to high quality DuBro ball links. The resulting push-rod is stronger and provides for even less slop.

New stainless steel yaw axle. The previous axle was made of aluminum. It was very light but a little bit too flexible. The new stainless steel axle is custom machined for us to our exact specifications. It is much harder and stiffer than the previous axle, but also a few grams heavier (7g total)

New bamboo camera plate and lower Delrin frame plate. We removed 4 of the previous 8 connection points between the Delrin and the bamboo plate. The remaining 4 connection points have been beefed up to accomodate our soon to be released vibration bobbins. The new plates also allow you to drill the holes to 4mm, which makes sourcing vibration bobbins a bit easier in case you want to upgrade.


The kit provides you complete flexibility on how you assemble
Tricopter. All the hard parts are done. Build examples below.

Slow Flyer for FPV

Acrobatic Flyer

Arm length (measuring just the wood)

15" to 17"

8" to 13"

Prop Size


9x4.7 or 10x4.5

Motor Mounting

Facing UP

Facing DOWN





EzUHF or other LRS





More build and recommended power systems

Found 5 years, 10 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $94.99