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OSD Pro Pkg with 150A eLogger/Wire Leads and GPS

Price $259.97


The plane icon labeled “RADAR” above serves two purposesthe direction the icon is pointing indicates your present course.
For example, you can program the OSD Pro to periodically update you on altitude once a minute“Altitude 3-9-1 Feet”.

Here are some examples:, •GPS Parameters (Distance to Home, Home Arrow, GPS Altitude, Ground Speed, Course, and more), And, the location of the icon on the screen provides a synthetic map, similar to RADAR:, the center of the screen marks the takeoff point, in a "bird's eye" view, and the plane icon moves around the screen indicating your model’s location. The maximum distance and the “up” direction are configurable., The OSD Pro Expander has the following connections:, •Connection to the eLogger or Data Recorder, The package includes:,


OSD Pro Pkg with 150A
/Wire Leads and GPS

The OSD Pro is a powerful, modular, fully configurable Video/Audio On-Screen Display (OSD) device, providing graphics, voice announcements, alarms, acoustic variometer with total energy compensation, Home Arrow, Return to Home, Failsafe, “RADAR”, waypoints, a flight simulator for testing, and many other features.

The information displayed can be as simple or advanced as you like, depending on how you configure the display, and on which optional Eagle Tree sensors are connected.

What Data Parameters can be Displayed on the OSD Pro?

All parameters available with our eLogger V4 and Data Recorders + optional sensors will be supported for display on the OSD Pro.

•Electrical Parameters (Pack Volts, Amperage, RX Volts, Servo Current, Milliamp-Hours, Watts)

•Performance Parameters (Airspeed, Barometric Altitude, Climbrate, Variometer, Temperatures, RPM, G-Force, EGT, Jet ECU Status, servo positions)

•Receiver Health (Dropped Frames, Antenna Fades, Missed Packets – requires Spektrum or JR FlightLog compatible Receiver)

•Call Sign, and many more

Advanced Features

The OSD PRO advanced features include "RADAR," Voice Alerts, Return to Home, failsafe, and Waypoints.


Voice Alerts/Variometer

Imagine hearing the status of your model through ear buds connected to your video receiver!

The OSD Pro fully supports voice warnings and status updates, via the audio channel of your video transmitter.

Most of the available parameters can be programmed to provide voice alerts.

And, you can also program a low voltage warning “WARNING- Voltage 12-point-5 Volts”.

Voice alerts can be combined with your camera’s microphone, so you do not lose motor or other flight sounds when there are no alerts.

Additionally, a varying tone Variometer with Total Energy Compensation (completely configurable from the on-screen menus) is included. Any of the Eagle Tree altimeters, or GPS altitude, will work with the variometer.

Return to Home and Failsafe

The Return to Home feature will attempt to bring your stable plane in a “holding pattern” above the takeoff point if radio signal is lost, by manipulating your model’s rudder/ailerons, elevator, and throttle, based on your settings.

GPS and other sensor information is used to attempt to return the plane to home.

Note that this feature requires configuration of several parameters via the on-screen menus. An on-screen Return to Home configuration wizard is built in to simplify this process. The feature may require “trial and error” testing, and may not work with all planes or under windy conditions. If you have a stabilization system, this process is greatly simplified. We plan on releasing additional sensors that will further simplify this feature.

A Failsafe feature is also included, if Return to Home is not desired, or you are not using GPS.

The failsafe feature sets your aileron/rudder, throttle, and elevator to programmable positions, if radio signal is lost.

This is most useful for radios without built-in failsafe.

The Return to Home and Failsafe features work with all known radio types.

Flight Simulator

A built-in flight simulator is included, letting you fly the RADAR icon around the screen, controlling altitude, throttle and turns with your RC Radio. Since the control surfaces of your model will move at the same time, this feature makes it easier to configure Return to Home and test your alarms and settings, and is also fun on rainy days!


Up to 3 waypoints (within visual range of the takeoff point) can be programmed into the OSD Pro, for aerial photography or just for fun.

The locations of the waypoints are displayed on the RADAR display, making it easy for you to manually fly to the waypoints (the system will not autonomously fly to the waypoints).

How Do I Configure and Control the OSD Pro?

The OSD Pro's built in on-screen menus and Eagle Tree’s drag and drop configuration software makes it easy to configure the OSD Pro to display what you want to see, when and where you want to see it. As few or as many parameters as you need can be displayed.

The software lets you configure the OSD with up to 20 data parameters per screen.

Also, the same parameter can be displayed on multiple screens.

The OSD Pro's on-screen menus let you set up the Return to Home feature, set audio volume, configure GPS settings, turn on and off the graphical features, and much more, without needing a computer at the field.

Two servo channels (one of which must be dedicated full time to the OSD Pro) let you switch between on-screen menus to further configue the OSD, or turn off the OSD entirely.

How Do I Hook it Up?

•Servo-style connections to your camera’s “video out” port and your video transmitter’s “video-in” port

•Servo-style connections to your audio microphone (if you have one) and to your video transmitter's audio in port.

•Servo connections for controlling the OSD from your radio, and for Return to Home and Failsafe features. The servo connections are Aileron/Rudder In and Out, Elevator In and Out, Throttle In and Out, Aux 1 In, and Aux 2 In. Note that the Aux 1 channel must be dedicated to the OSD Pro, but the Aux 2 channel may be shared with other functions on your model.

•Five male to male Servo extension cables are included for hooking up to your servos.

Is the Eagle Tree OSD Pro System “Future Proof”?


Eagle Tree has been in the R/C Data business for many years – it’s all we do!

We won’t lose interest in your data equipment shortly after you buy our product, and we have full time support staff to help with any issues you encounter.

Also, our systems are fully modular.

If we come out with a new sensor, a more powerful OSD Expander, a software improvement, etc., it’s easy and cost effective to update the system.

So, your system is not obsolete a few months after your buy it.

And of course, the OSD Expander’s firmware is updatable from the internet, making it easy for you get support for new sensors, access to new features, and download the inevitable bug fixes.

But I also need Data Logging!

Complete data logging of most parameters is included.

The data are downloaded via the included USB connection, and graphed and analyzed with our powerful Windows software.

Click here to read the OSD Pro Manual (PDF).

Click here for the latest OSD Pro Software and Firmware.

I want to Order a Complete OSD Pro Package now!

This package includes everything you need to display and log Altitude, Speed, Home Arrow, Distance, GPS Position, Current, Voltage, milliamp-Hours, Wattage, and more on your existing video system (does not include video camera or video transmitter!). The package also includes voice alerts, and the advanced OSD Pro features.

150A eLogger V4 with wire leads

OSD Pro Expander

10Hz GPS Expander

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Price $259.97