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Easy Star/Sky Surfer/Bixler Adjustable Motor Mount

Price $15.95


Position 1stock height up to a 6" prop.
Position 2(+) 0.41" for up to a 7" prop.
Position 3(+) 1.0" for up to an 8" prop.
Total Weight20g

Three step installation:, , Included:, 1 - Motor Base Tube and Motor Plate, 4 motor screws and 4 mount screws., Notes:, A 35mm outrunner motor will only fit in Position 3 (+ 1.0"). 28mm outrunners will work in any of the three positions. The stock thrust angles are retained in all 3 positions. If a change in thrust angle is desired, simply add a small washer between the motor base and motor plate at the appropriate locations., Compatible Motors:, , Acceptable bolt patterns (units in mm):, 16x16, 16x19, 19x19, 19x25, 25x25,


This CNC machined aluminum two piece mount is designed to adapt a large range of outrunner motors to the original Multiplex Easy Star (original version), Sky Surfer, and the Bixler (Sky Surfer clone). It will allow for three different motor mounting heights to accommodate propeller sizes ranging from 6" to 8".

With this feature you can easily run a lower KV motor with a larger propeller for more thrust and better efficiency. This would be a perfect combination for FPV pilots looking for longer flight times and a more quiet platform.

Swapping motors from a 35mm outrunner with an 8" prop to a 28mm outrunner with a 6" prop can easily be done by removing a few screws. This is ideal for those looking to achieve the best performance possible.

Glue motor base tube into the fuselage (nacelle) making sure mounting flange is square.

Attach new motor to motor plate with supplied flat head screws.

Attach motor plate to motor tube at desired height with suppled pan head screws.

Center of Gravity should always be checked and adjusted per the user manual after installation of a new motor.

28mm Outrunners

35mm Outrunners

Acceptable bolt patterns shown below

Due to the large variety of compatible motors
Please verify motor size and KV will suite flying style

Found 3 years, 8 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $15.95