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Easy Glider FPV Pan/Tilt Pod Kit

Price $42.95


Comes with a mounting plate that will fit many popular FPV cameras including: KX131, KX171, KX191, IF Cam, SN777, SN555 and others. Additional back plates may be purchased here to fit IF OSD Cam, DPC OSD Cam, DX201, Note:, careful routing of camera wiring is required to prevent binding during 180 degree or 360 degree operation., This kit includes:, Laser cut components for the main pod, You'll need:, Double sided servo tape to apply TX, camera, and tilt servo., Documentation:, Instructions to build the pan and tilt:, Click here, Instructions to build the Ez Glider Pod:, Click here,


an Easy Glider FPV pod that uses a custom mechanism allowing for full 180 degree (+/- 90 degree) panning without the need for any modifications to a servo or without the need for a servo stretcher.  A full 360 degree pan (+/- 180 degrees) is possible with the addition of our SSV3.5 servo stretcher.

A compartment at the rear of the pod is available for your battery.  Although designed for a Rhino 620mAh 3s battery, many other batteries will fit in this compartment.

The pod is attached to the Easy Star by a combination of the tabs at the front of the pod and strong rare-earth magnets (included) at the back of the pod.

Laser cut components and hardware for the 180 degree pan module

Two 9g Servos

Four rare-earth magnets

A single back plate and hinge/control arm for your camera (choose below)

Pull-ties to hold TX against tape and for holding your wiring down.

Medium CA

5 minute epoxy

Found 5 years, 11 months ago at ngHobbies
Price $42.95