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Assembled Sky Surfer FPV Pod

This item is no longer available at the original page of online shop.
Price $89.99


This is an assembled Sky Surfer FPV pod that uses a custom mechanism allowing for full 180 degree (+/- 90 degree) panning without the need for any modifications to a servo or without the need for a servo stretcher.  A full 360 degree pan (+/- 180 degrees) is possible with the addition of a SSV4 servo stretcher (option below).  This is perfect for the person who wants to add a FPV pod to their plane with minimal effort and time!

The pods are supplied with quality 9g servos. 


The pod is attached to the Sky Surfer by a combination of the tabs at the front of the pod and strong rare-earth magnets at the back of the pod that attach to the existing metal plates.  Since the Bixler is a clone of the Sky Surfer, this will also fit the Bixler aircraft as well, although the magnets may be reversed on the Bixler.


The pan/tilt kit, comes with a mounting plate that will fit many popular FPV cameras including:

    RMRC-420, RMRC-420XV, RMRC-520, RMRC-LL600, RMRC-600XV, RMRC-700XV KX131, KX171, KX191, IF Cam, SN777, SN555 and others

Additional back plates may be purchased here to fit RMRC-480, RMRC-540, and other cameras.

Note: careful routing of camera wiring is required to prevent binding during 180 degree or 360 degree operation.


This kit will include:

Assembled main pod with magnets

Assembled 180 degree pan module with 9g servos and standard camera back-plate.

Found 6 years ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $89.99