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- If using a primary receiver, Mini V-Bar is compatible with the following 2.4GHz receiversSpektrum, Jeti, Fasst.
- Dimensions28 x 37 x 13 mm
- Weight11 g
Contents- Mini V-Bar
- Patch Cables3.1" For use with a primary receiver (if you opt NOT to use Satellites)

Compatibility Notes:, - Mini V-Bar Blueline can, Overview:, The Mini V-Bar is the worlds smallest and lightest 3-axis virtual flybar system. It is designed to fit any small indoor helicopter. Despite its size, the Mini V-Bar is equipped with top-quality sensors and will thus satisfy the highest performance expectations. When light weight is a priority, the Mini V-Bar is your best choice. New version 5.2 Express Software allows for simplified programming and very easy flight tuning!, model helicopters with only a few limitations. Do not use the Mini V-Bar in the following types of helicopters:, - Large Scale heli's, Features:, - Programming is done via Control Panel or via USB using the PC software., Specs:, - 3-Axis Gyro System,

Aside from the nice new Blue case, the Mini V-Bar ...

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