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Sasquatch Labs / HoverThings Flip FPV Pro

Price $949.99


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Is it possible to improve on an already great design? We think so.

Team Sasquatch has put the Hoverthings Flip FPV through it's paces and discovered that we could make a few
modifications to greatly improve strength, rigidity, and crash recovery while simultaneously decreasing the jello inducing vibrations the original design introduced. By doubling up on the bottom plate and adding a few more hardware bits we eliminated the "springboard" effect, caused by using a single layer of material, for camera mounting.

We have matched this frame with high quality parts from ReadyMadeRC and created a pre-built package to get you in the air quickly. EVERY build is individually assembled, configured, and pre-flown by Team Sasquatch to ensure the utmost quality and performance. Connect your receiver, calibrate, and fly - what could be easier?

Team Sasquatch Flip FPV Pro Quads are a fast way to get started in multi-rotors with quality equipment and a professional build!

100% Pre-Built (Ready for your receiver)

Tested and Pre-Flown for quality control

Tuned RMRC OpenPilot CC3D Controller

Approx 15min flight time w/ included 5100mAh battery

T-Plug connections for battery

Support for dual battery packs

1000g without flight battery

No soldering required!

Supports GoPro, Mobius, or similarly sized recording devices

Supports dedicated FPV camera and additional transmitter for FPV broadcast

Camera equipment not included and may require additional parts

See our packaged deals for more information

Hoverthings Flip FPV Frame Black G-10 (450mm MTM)

Double Lower Plates for FLIP FPV Frame

Tiger Motor MT2216-9 1100kV Motors

Tiger Motor 25A SimonK ESC's

RMRC OpenPilot CC3D Controller

CC3D Protective Case by 3D Shellz

Tiger 9x3 CF Props

RMRC 5100mAh 4s Flight Pack w/ Battery Strap

RMRC 3 IN 1 - 5A UBEC, Power Display, & Voltage Alarm

The Squid - Power Connector Solution for Quads - T-Plug

ReadyMadeRC customer support

Tiger Motor MT Professional Series Motors

​Tiger Motor Simon K ESC's

Tiger Motor Carbon Fiber Props

LED "Head Lights" and "Tail Lights"  w/ 12v Stepdown

This is a Bind-N-Fly (BNF) build, you will need to provide your own transmitter and receiver before flight

Build Docs - Coming Soon!

Tuning Docs - Coming Soon!

Receiver Calibration Docs - Coming Soon!

Found 5 years ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $949.99