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Sasquatch Labs - HoverThings Narwhal - PNP

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Sasquatch Labs Narwhal

You could say that this frame is what really brought Team
in the infinite quest to fly like a boss, many of our team members ventured out to learn acrobatics. The task was quite arduous, many arms, and many frames were destroyed in the hunt to become 'Rate Mode Ninjas.' An outside observer may think that we had something against the DJI Flamewheel series, as piles upon piles of broken arms, F350 and F550 frame plates began to accumulate in the

It is no secret that many of us migrated from DJI
based glass fiber, and polyamide nylon centric lifestyle to the more seasoned tastes of a g10 aficionado. In layman’s terms quite simply we collectively got sick of arms flexing mid flight during acrobatics runs, and subsequently breaking after a light crash.

We have all been there!
Sometimes all you have to do is look at a DJI arm sideways and it snaps. Enter our initial love for the HoverThings FLIP line of products. They seemed to be nearly impossible to break! None the less as much fun as we had with the FLIP Sport & FLIP FPV airframes, we were left looking for more. We wanted a hexacopter, and we wanted one nimble enough to flip! For reasons previously mentioned the Flamewheel F550 simply would not do for our team. We wanted a hexachoppa, not a flexachoppa! As such we began our collaboration with HoverThings to design a new bird.

After many months of design scrutiny and crash testing the Narwhal was born.
Slightly smaller than the F550 this frame comes in at 470mm and a mere 1200 grams. It was designed with the original DJI F550 power train in mind as a one-to-one swap out option. The initial prototypes were tested with DJI 920kv 2212 motors with 8" props and 4S batteries making the frame ripe as a drop in replacement or upgrade for Flamewheel F550 users. The production series was tuned against the T-Motor Anti Gravity Edition 2214 920kv DJI upgraded motor series with 9"
props. Our best efforts were made to ensure that our frame maintained compatibility with both the standard DJI power train, and the upgrade set offered by T-Motor for DJI end users.

Simply put this frame is a beast, she is quick, agile, and her strength remains unmatched by other frames on the market.
We are confident that you will enjoy this naughty little frame… she happily awaits your worst bidding.

Looking for a bad ass hexacopter that will take a beating?

Give the Narwhal a shot…

For this build we have chosen the faster Tiger 980kv motors and other high quality parts from ReadyMadeRC. We have also gone a little overboard on strengthening this beast as it'll need every bit of it.
EVERY build is individually assembled, configured, and pre-flown by Team Sasquatch to ensure the utmost quality and performance. Connect your receiver, calibrate, and fly - what could be easier?

Team Sasquatch Narwhal Hexas aren't for the feint of heart, but remain a fast way to get started in multi-rotors with quality equipment and a professional build!

100% Pre-Built (Ready for your receiver)

Tested and Pre-Flown for quality control

Tuned RMRC OpenPilot CC3D Controller

T-Plug connections for battery

1200g without flight battery

No soldering required!

Supports GoPro, Mobius, or similarly sized recording devices

Supports dedicated FPV camera and additional transmitter for FPV broadcast

Supports bottom or top mount multi-axis gimbal for GoPro

Camera equipment not included and may require additional parts

See our packaged deals for more information

Sasquatch Labs Narwhal Black G-10 (470mm MTM)

Tiger Motor MS2212-13 980kV Motors

Tiger Motor 25A SimonK ESC's

RMRC OpenPilot CC3D Controller

CC3D Protective Case by 3D Shellz

HQ 9x3.8 Props

RMRC 5100mAh 4s Flight Pack w/ Battery Strap

RMRC 3 IN 1 - 5A UBEC, Power Display, & Voltage Alarm

The Squid - Power Connector Solution for Quads - T-Plug

ReadyMadeRC superior support team

This is a Plug-N-Play (PNP) build, you will need to provide your own transmitter and receiver before flight

Build Docs - Coming Soon!

Tuning Docs - Coming Soon!

Receiver Calibration Docs - Coming Soon!

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