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HelioRC SPRING IMU-F Flight Controller

Price $39.55


a gyroscope that is filtered using advanced statistical methods to smooth noise trends. Instead of sending gyro measurements to the f4 it sends quaternion (a fancy math term it tells the flight code the orientation)

Truly Freeing

Supported by multiple open source flight controller software including Betaflight’s 3.3+ most current technologies

Natively Fast

True 32khz processing without overclocking


Never before seen IMU-f system an advanced inline discrete filtered gyro that is transparent to the flight controller

With a super clean discrete filtered gyro, more processing power is available for flight controller logic and future feature updates without causing slowdown or issues during flight

Helio Gyro

The hardware contains both an f3 and an f4. The gyro is the 20601.

Found 11 months, 1 week ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $39.55