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Flip FPV Frame (Black)

Price $104.99


SizeWidth 14.5" (375mm) Length 11" (280mm)
Diagonal Measurement (diagonally motor to motor)450mm
​Motor Mount Measurementsfrom 15mm up to 28mm


Tired of breaking frames? We are too! That's why we created the new "FLIP FPV" frame!  We wanted an FPV frame that would handle some crazy FPV flying with low risk of physical damage.

This frame was designed with TWO things in mind... #1, strength, #2 simplicity.  The "FLIP FPV" is incredibly light yet STRONG. The arms do not bend and twist like cheap plastic arms, and they do not bend like expensive aluminum arms.  Because they are not made of aluminum, they are ideal for FPV. They will not absorb radio signals (reducing your range) like aluminum arms.  They are extremely stiff, light, but most importantly strong.

Yeah, we probably won't make any money on spare parts, but we don't care because we like to make awesome frames.   No, it's not unbreakable, but it's stronger than any other frame we have flown.  If you do manage to break an arm, it can be removed in seconds by removing three screws (no luck nuts or anything like that).

The "FLIP FPV" now includes "snap-on" landing gear. It can be installed and removed in seconds, no tools required.

Standard DJI motors will work fine, but any 28mm motor in the 900-1200kv range with 8" props would be perfect. Hole pattern will accept KK, Quadrino, CC, and most other flight controllers. The frame will accept 8" and 9" is crazy, and 10" is just insane.  Weight of the frame is around 12oz (350g) .

The flip frame is proudly manufactured right here in the USA, with materials supplied by US companies.

These frames come with the long standoffs for the top protector plate for use with vertical pin flight controllers..1.5" clearance total.

Found 3 years ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $104.99