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Adjustable Voltage Regulator, 1-35V Step Down

Price $12.49


IN+Battery/Power In +
IN-Battery Ground
OUT+Regulated Voltage
OUT-Common Ground
Input Voltage7-35VDC
Output Voltage1.2VDC-30VDC
Output Current2A / 10W maximum
Switching Frequency150KHz nominal
Power Efficiency83% typical
Output Ripple60mV at 10W loads typical
TechnologySwitch-Mode Buck Regulator
Voltage AdjustScrewdriver Access
Size1.95 x 0.9 x 0.5 inch (50x22x12mm)
Weight11 grams

The circuit board has four pads (soldering required) that are labeled as follows:, , Specifications:,


This Voltage Regulator has an adjustable 1.2VDC to 30VDC output. It is a step-down type, so it is used to reduce the input voltage. It uses DC-DC switching technology so it operates substantially cooler than common linear regulators.

Found 6 years, 1 month ago at DPCAV
Price $12.49