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3DR Radio Telemetry 915MHZ/ Data Transmission Kit/ Compatible for APM


Product Description:, Features:, Receiving sensitivity:, -121 dBm, Transmitting Power:, 0dBm (100mW), Aerial data transimittingrate:, 50kbps,

3DR Radio telemetry is an ideal way of setting connections between
APM and ground station.

Small size, low price, wide range
, and with open-source firmware, you can do what other radio stations can not do.

Small size

Light weight (4g, not include antenna)

Transparent serial links

MAVLink frame protocoland




Support LBT and AFA

Configure duty ratio

Built-in error correction code (Can correct up to 25% of the data error)

Up to several kilometers with small omni antenna

Use bilateral amplifier to again larger scale

Open-source firmware

AT order configuring data transimission

RT order long-distance configuring data transimission

Automatically adapt to flow control when use with APM

With Si1000 8051 microcontroller and Si4432 wireless module according to HM-TRP wireless module

Check price and availability

Found 7 years, 11 months ago

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