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JR R921 9 Channel DSM2 Receiver

Price $189.99


2.4GHz; Resolution2048

JR R921 9 Channel Receiver Features:, 9 channels, Specs:, # of Channels:9, Band:,


Revolutionary design that creates a superior RF link
The JR R921 9 Channel receiver combines Spektrum’s exclusive, patent-pending DSM2 protocol - plus the brand’s patented DuaLink technology - and the result has been revolutionary. The radio system simultaneously transmits on two frequencies, creating dual RF paths. This dual path redundancy, plus the fact that each of the two receivers is located in a slightly different location, exposes each to a different RF environment and creates a superior path diversity RF link in all conditions.

Patented DuaLink

SmartSafe fail-safe system
Two types of fail-safe
Flight Log compatible

Found 5 years, 11 months ago at Hobby-Lobby
Price $189.99