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Eurgle 4.4g >=0.6 High Torque Mini Servo

Operating Voltage4.8V DC ~6.0V DC
STD DirectionCounter Clockwise / Pulse Traveling 1500 to 1900µsec
Operating Speed0.09 sec / 60 degree at 4.8v
Output Torque>=0.5 (7 oz/in) at 4.8v
Size19.6 X 8.2 X 23.8mm
Package Welght~19.4g

0.08 sec / 60 degree at 6v, >=0.6 (8.4 oz/in) at 6v,

Eurgle 4.4g >=0.6 High Torque Mini Servo
Model Number : rcps91116_09
You are buying a Brand New Eurgle 4.4g >=0.6 High Torque Mini Servo. This servo is ultra light which is only 4.4g but with 0.5 torque. The quality is more than what you pay for! It comes with servo arms, gears and screws. Please find more details below.
Item(s) Included:
Eurgle 4.4g >=0.6 High Torque Mini Servo
Servo Arms

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Found 9 years, 6 months ago

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