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BL-Ctrl V2.0 Speed controller

Price $74.95


•PCB4-layers (increased current-measuring shunt)
•Dimension (W x H)approx 44mm x 21mm

This new version has the following features:, •Integrated current measurementfor measuring the actual current and the used capacity, The following items are included in this kit:,

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The BL-Ctrl V2.0 is the newly released speed controller for any Mikrokopter. Each of these controllers are factory tested and programmed.

The board is already 98% finished, manufactured with SMD technology. Some soldering is required to finish the board.

The BL-Ctrl kit is  pre-tested and approved to be used with the Navi-Ctrl, Flight-Ctrl, MK3MAG, BL-Ctrl.

•Temperature messurement

•Voltage messurement

•Software configuration (e.g. current limit, temperature limit)

•Supports batteries from 3s to 5s

•Automatic current and temperature limitation

•By high-performance MOSFETs 35A and 40A peak period are possible.

•Two LEDs (OK and Error)

•Addressing the controller by jumper (address 1 - 8)

•Various interfaces (I2C, PPM, serial)

1 x BL-Ctrl V2 SMD  board.

2 x Low ESR 25V capacitor.


This is a kit, not a final product. About 10-20 minutes of work is still required to fnish this board. Most of the components are surface mounted and already assembled.

This is sold as it is for private, non-commercial use.

Please read the Terms and conditions of the software regarding commercial use.

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Price $74.95