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TZ-V2 .50 Size Nitro 3D Helicopter Kit (Torque Tube)

Price $223.30
TZ-V2 .50 Size Nitro 3D Helicopter Kit (Torque Tube) TZ-V2 .50 Size Nitro 3D Helicopter Kit (Torque Tube) TZ-V2 .50 Size Nitro 3D Helicopter Kit (Torque Tube) TZ-V2 .50 Size Nitro 3D Helicopter Kit (Torque Tube) TZ-V2 .50 Size Nitro 3D Helicopter Kit (Torque Tube)


Gear ratio8.27
Pinion gear10T
Main gear85T
Main rotor diameter1345~1365mm
Tail rotor diameter242mm
Main rotor length600~620mm
Flying weightApprox 3850g
Tail Rotor Drive SystemTorque Tube
Radio GearGyro/Rx
Rx Battery(UBEC with 2 Cell Lipoly)

Product Spec:, Type:, .50 size glow powered 3D Pro Helicopter, Control System:, 120° or 140° CCPM (140° Optional), Key Features:, Strong yet lightweight G-10 side frames,


The V2 .50 is a Nitro .50 size helicopter that will push the limits of your sport and 3D flying abilities. Featuring a strong and lightweight G-10 main frame, 120 or 140 degree swash-plate, beautifully finished full metal main rotor head and tail rotor assembly and other "Pro" level features, we guarantee you wont be dissapointed with this big helicopter. Building this kit is fast and easy as many of the sub-assemblies come pre-assembled at the factory. In standard trim this helicopters flight characteristics are extremely smooth and stable, making it perfect for intermediate and sport level pilots. With the use of stiff blades this helicopter can be flown to perform big 3D moves! In addition to the V2s famous Mild-to-Wild performance, the V2s maintenance cost is kept low with our full line of low-cost spare parts.

Three point metal mainshaft bearing mounts
Metal main rotor head
Strong A-Arm style CNC machined elevator linkage
CNC machined aluminum engine mounting block
Push-pull linkages on all cyclic servos
Forward mount engine for easy glow plug access
120° CCPM swashplate (140° Optional)
Front mounted radio mounting frame
Metal and Plastic tail assembly
Easily removed, vibration-isolated fuel tank with filter
Plastic canopy with decals
Required items.
Nitro engine (.50)
Servos (standard size)
600~620mm Blades

Found 5 years, 4 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $223.30