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MaterialCarbon fiber and CNC Aluminum.
Overall Diameter1140mm (45" inches)
Arm length500mm (19.6" inches)
Arm tube diameter25mm
Motor mountsloted holes spacing from 19-25mm, suitable for most motors.
Landing gearFoldable crab leg type and optional tube type 320mm height from ground to the down frame.
Weight1380 grams (49 onces)
Total flying weight10Kg (22Lbs)

Details:, Mantis professional series octocopter are giant and heavy duty multi-rotor, ideally for professional applications., Specifications:, , Suggested setup:, , Note:, Please use 8mm or shorter length screws to mount motors, the longer screws will attack the motor inside and cause motor damaged.,

With more than 1100mm in diameter allowing large motors and propeller to be used without any problems.

The frame is make of 3K carbon fiber, making it a super strong and sturdy video plataform keeping the its total weight below 1400grams (49oz).

The arms are well attatched to the main center plate CNC aluminum clamps provinding a safety and amazingly stable flight.

minimizing vibration.

Mantis multirotor is also compatible with Xaircraft hanger bars and DJI Zenmuse gimbal

1X 6S 6000 - 9000mah 6S Li-Po Battery

8X 4830 KV 370 heavy duty motor(optional 4822 kv390 or T motor 3515 KV400)

8X 1555 DJI type carbon fiber propeller

8X 40A ESC.

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Found 9 years, 8 months ago

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