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HobbyKing PPM Signal Mixer version B for Head-Movement-Tracker Gyro

Price $12.99


NoteOnly works with Futaba transmitters.
Voltage Supply8V-12V

Weight: 4g,


PPM Signal Mixer is specifically designed for those who own low end Futaba transmitters (such as the 6EX), allowing you to also use the head movement tracking system. And even can be used with JR transmitters. (soon available)
This version B is designed for 6EX transmitter which comes with 8 channels receiver.
Just connect the PPM signal mixer inbetween the Advance Head-Movement-Tracker Gyro and the Transmitter and PPM signal mixer will map new channels special for X-GYRO 1000 via the transmitter. Then it maps 2 channels, and put them after the transmitter channels, now it’s 7 CH and 8 CH, that ‘s why you need a 8CH receiver. Connect the servos to 7CH and 8CH.

Found 5 years, 3 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $12.99