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Voodoo Sport Pylon Racer

Length29 in.
Wingspan48-3/8 in.
Flying Weight30 oz.
Wing Span1228mm
Wing Area14.11dm
Total Length737mm
Center of Gravity55-60mm
Air FoilMH 43 Modify
Total Wing Area16.2dm2
Aileron Low RateUp-6.5mm Down-4mm
Aileron High RateUp-8mm Down-5mm
Aileron BreakingUp-13mm Down-N/A
Motor Weight4.3oz.
Motor Shaft Size3.2mm

Note:, This aircraft is a performance aircraft. It requires intermediate to advanced modeling skills to assembly and fly. The battery area is extremely tight for a 3S 2100mAh LiPo and you likely will not be able to swap out batteries easily without modification to the battery opening. It is best to have a dedicated flight battery that remains in the plane for charging., Technical Specifications:, Elevator Low Rate:, Up-/2.5mm Down-3mm Adjust in Fly/Left, Right, Elevator High Rate:, Up-3.5mm Down-4mm Adjust in Fly/Left, Right,

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48-3/8 in. span, 29 in. long, 251 sq. in. wing area, 30 oz. flying weight. Are you ready for 120+ MPH? Dago Red can take you there with its sleek design and included motor. Flies like a sport plane at low throttle settings and goes wherever you point it. Full power will put you in the 120MPH+ speed range, so be ready to turn. Spoilerons can be used on capable radios to slow down for landings, but don't expect it to float like a parkflyer. You need to know what you're doing with this plane. EXPERIENCED PILOTS ONLY!
The fuselage is fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcements and the wings are foam core and sheeted with obechi wood. You'll appreciate the fine details such as the gapless pre-hinged ailerons and the laser cut elevator servo tray that screws into place.
Included in the box is a 2600KV BL Inrunner motor, and an aluminum spinner. All you need to provide is 3 servos, a 45A ESC, a 4.75x4.75 prop, and a 3S 2100mAH Lipo pack. You can be ready to fly in as little as 2 hours. 3 channel controls are ailerons, elevator, and throttle.
What's in the Box?
Voodoo Racer Airframe
2600Kv BL Inrunner Motor
Aluminum Spinner

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