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Telemaster Float Kit

Price $99.00


Technical SpecificationsLength
Draft316 cu. in.


Float kit for Telemaster 40 or Senior Telemaster
This all balsa and plywood float kit builds into a strong yet light float set suitable for the Telemaster 40 or the Senior Telemaster. Each float is designed to include a small servo (our eRC900 is a great choice) to control the rudder. Each rudder will "kick-up" if an obstruction is run over in the water. This protects the floats from damage and allows you to run the airplane into shallow water without dragging the rudders. The optional rear fins add side area to the rear of the aircraft that is necessary to compensate for the added front area that the floats create. For a dedicated float plane this side area is often added as a sub-fin at the rear of the fuselage, by adding the fins to the floats you get the additional side area when you install the floats and you do not have the additional area when you revert back to normal wheeled landing gear. The kit includes the hardware for the rudders and the spreader bars for float installation. You will need an additional main landing gear and fiberglass cloth and laminating epoxy to complete the build. Plans and instructions are included. You will need servo extensions and a couple of Y connectors to connect the float rudders to the rudder channel on your receiver.

Found 5 years, 11 months ago at Hobby-Lobby
Price $99.00