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Sirius-The best FPV planes for starters

NoticeAny order with airplane can't be shipped in DHL!!!
Wing Area24.8dm2
Wing Loading33.4g/dm2
Weight (approx)700-950g
Requirement4ch Radio
Motor2212-2218 KV1600kv
PropellerAPC 7040-7060E
motor2212 kv1480
propAPC 7x6
bat2*2200mah 3s
whole weight1030g
cruise current2-3A

Free Download:, Skywalker, CG: 58mm from the leading eage of the wing, From one of our testers:, Setup:,

One kind of plane per order only, and the maxim quantity for one kind of plane is 2 for every order, or we need the extra shipping fee.

Pictures for reference only, to prevail in kind, before buying, please confirm with the customer service staff, has been issued will not be returned!

The new plane from skywalker in 2011, designed for FPV starters. When you have the Sirius, you can get rid of wasting lots of fun time to revise planes like EZstar or sky surfer to fit your FPV use.

The skywalker model learned a lesson from the eaglewing, so when the Sirius was out, lots of new players  for RC were asked for testing the planes, after months of testing and refine, finally the Sirius released, we can guarantee that Siruis will be your best choice for the first FPV plane.

Strong EPO built, durable.

4 x
) servos(for 2x Aileron, 1xElevator, 1xrudder)
2200-3300mAh 3S or 4S Lipo Battery

You can find the power combo

Outside servo design, make the cabin as big as possible, big rudder, make the 3-channel flying becomes easy, friendly to starters!

Magnet locked canopy and big internal room

Movable back-cabin, you can easily push into or pull out all your FPV devices from a not so big plane.

Of course the special place for video Tx.

Stock landing gears, easy to set up and remove.

Special design for camera

All right, videos are always welcome.

The whole flight time is 38 mins, and the mAh consumed is 1900mAh, just do a caculation, how long and how far you can go with 4400mah.

Another flight with gopro.

Check price and availability

Found 2 years, 5 months ago

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