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Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF)

Price $171.08
Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF) Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF) Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF) Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF) Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF) Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF) Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF) Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF) Mini DLG Composite 1000mm (PNF)


Wingspan:, Length:, Wing Loading:, Airfoil:, Flying Weight:, 2+ Channel transmitter and receiver,


The Mini DLG is a great looking discus launch glider with an attractive price tag, excellent construction quality and flight performance to match! Available as a plug and fly model with servos pre-installed, or an almost ready to fly version allowing you to fully customize your setup.
The lightweight construction of the Mini DLG has been achieved through extensive use of carbon fiber, glass fiber, and Kevlar. Vacuum bagged blue foam core wings are skinned with kevlar cloth laid on a 45 degree bias. This gives excellent torsional rigidity even during the most aggressive of launches. Carbon fiber leading edge and wing tips gives added durability whilst carbon spar caps stiffen the wing.
The fuselage pod is Kevlar aramid cloth, transitioning to a spiral wrapped tapered carbon boom, topped off with a access hatch also of carbon. The tailplane is carbon matte cloth bagged over foam cores for stength and minimal weight. Premium hardware is included giving positive control response, while keeping the weight penalty low. The launch peg is CNC cut carbon plate.
The Mini DLG is perfect for those pilots wanting to have a go at discus launch gliders but are put off by the big bucks Euro designs. Thankfully for you, the Mini DLG is superb quality, thoughtful design which results in its excellent performance. Its small size is great for keeping in the car for those impromptu flying sessions. Being a DLG, attaining massive height, with minimal effort on launch is easy. The extreme light weight means the Mini DLG will thermal in even the lightest of wind conditions.
• Plug and Fly - Complete final assembly, install your choice receiver and battery
• Vacuum bagged Kevlar/foam core wings with CF Reinforcing
• Carbon canopy and spiral wound tapered carbon tail boom
• Kevlar Fuselage pod with CF Reinforcing
• Carbon reinforced foam tail surfaces
• Removable 1pc Wing for Easy Transport
180mAh~300mAh 2S Lipoly (RX Power)

Found 4 years, 9 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $171.08