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Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF)

Price $34.45
Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF) Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF) Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF) Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF) Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF) Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF)


Wing Span390mm
Flying Weight95g
ESC6A w/BEC (Required)
Servo3 x 2g (Required)
FeaturesOptional Drop Tanks
IncludesInstruction Book

Specs:, EDF:, 35mm with 9000kv Brushless Outrunner Motor, Requires:, 4 Channel TX with 4 Channel Micro RX (Micro JST Connector Compatible),


This tiny Mig 15 is amazing, EPO foam combined with its featherweight stats means it will be very forgiving of the odd less than 100% landing. The 35mm Fan Unit is included and the model comes in 1 piece so all you have to do when it arrives is fit your own servos & ESC, connect the control rods and horns, hook up the RC equipment to a Reciever that uses Micro JST conectors and you are ready to go......
Stop Press!
great news, look out for the new Orange RX DMS2 compatible micro receiver with micro JST servo plugs that will be just the right size for thus fantastic micro jet coming to Hobbyking very soon....
where were we? Ah yes, Dogfighting with the new Micro F-86 Sabre in the local park, basketball court, in fact pretty well anywhere!
The box the model arrives in is really handy for not only transporting the model to prevent hanger rash but the spare pockets in the packing foam are ideal for carrying spare Lipolys and you will have so much fun with this, I would carry a few! This Mig is so cute, even your Wife will like it!
Magnetic Canopy & Fan Hatch
Pre-Installed Control Horns
Control Rods
7.4v 350mAh 2s Lipoly Battery
3 x 2g Servos

Found 5 years, 4 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $34.45