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HobbyKing BelaTrike 2.15m Alloy Gondola Kit

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Fan Housing Diameter320mm
Wheel Size75mm x 22mm
ESC40Amp (Required)

Specs:, Motor:, 35xx Brushless Outrunner (Required), Battery:, 11.1v 3S1P 4000mAh 20C Lipoly (Required), Servo:, 2 x Standard Servos (Required), Required:, HobbyKing Paraglider Parafoil 2.15m, Recommended Setup:, Turnigy 4000mAh 3s 20c Lipo battery,

Designed specifically for use with the Popular HobbyKing 2.15m Paraglider Parafoil. The HobbyKing Gondola is easy to put together and takes a variety of motor/esc/battery combinations and will surely be a model that will create conversations at your flying field.
Tested and developed by one of HobbyKing's very own forum members*!
Using exclusive HobbyKing products such as the NTM-3536 motor and Turnigy 40c Lipo batteries, the HobbyKing Gondola is an affordable yet high quality Paraglider power system that will have you drifting about in the breeze like a pro.
35xx Brushless Outrunner (Required)
40Amp (Required)
11.1v 3S1P 4000mAh 20C Lipoly (Required)
2 x Standard Servos (Required)
Your own Tx/Rx
HobbyKing SS Series 35-40amp ESC
Tower Pro MG945R Servos (2pc)
NTM Series 3536-1400kv Brushless Outrunner
XR Type D Beechwood 3-blade Sport Propeller 12x5
Hobby King 2.4Ghz 4Ch Tx & Rx V2
* The BelaTrike was designed and tested by Beladog in the HobbyKing R/C forum.

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Found 10 years, 8 months ago

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