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Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF)

Price $118.69
Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF) Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF) Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF) Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF) Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF) Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF) Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF) Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF) Gee Bee-R3 1400mm EPO (PNF)


Flying Weight2300g
Servo9g x 2, 25g x 2

Features:, Plug and Fly - Simply add your reciever and lipoly! (not included), Specs:, Motor:, 3648 Brushless Outrunner Motor 600kv, Requires:, Your Own 4~6 Channel TX/RX,


There can be no doubt, the Gee Bee R3 is an amazing looking model and this great size Gee Bee has fantastic aerobatic performance to match it's head turning looks!
Made from tough EPO foam, this R3 is simple and fast to assemble, particularly as the brushless outrunner motor, ESC and servo's are all pre-installed. One of the most striking features of the R3 are the large wheel pants, these hide very robust, ply mounted under-carriage leg's and wheels that are large enough to tackle the roughest of strips with ease. For the final touch and to minimise flex, the R3 features easy to install steel rigging which is perfectly pre-tension courtesy of the supplied mounting springs. This is a large model for a foamy but it is also practical, the 1 pc wing is removable for easy transportation and the large battery hatch makes lipo swapping a breeze!
This superb looking R3 is a real head-turner, it has presence in spades both on the ground and in the air, it is suprisingly easy to fly and just looks great making those low n fast passes, but when you start to explore the aerobatic capability of the R3, there is no doubt, you will be impressed! The neutral airframe makes pattern style flying a breeze, Cuban 8's, knifedge passes, Split-S, stall turns, etc are all a joy, especially with a plane that looks this good, yet it is as well behaved as some trainers when just flown in circuit! This Gee Bee R3 is a brilliant sport model that is suitable for any field, it's size gives it tons of presence, it is ultra tough and flies superbly. Models that look this amazing are often hanger queens, not the R3, performance and practicality are combined in one great looking sport plane that is just so much fun to fly and own!
Easy and Fast to Assemble
Superb and Eye Catching Looks
Tough EPO Foam
Heavy Duty Under-Carriage and Large Wheels can Tackle Almost any Strip
Removable 1pc Wing for Easy Transport
Great Size with Loads of Presence
Impressive Aerobatic Performance Combined with Docile Low Speed Handling
2650mAh~3300mAh 4s Lipoly Battery

Found 5 years, 4 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $118.69