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12 Foot Telemaster ARF w/Drop Box (OVERSIZE)

Price $99.99


Technical Specifications:, Length:, 90", Wingspan:, 12 Feet!, Flying Weight:, 31 lbs., Controls:, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle, Flaps, Drop Box, Wing Area:, 3050 sq. in.,


HUGE, Ready-Built version of the 12 Foot Telemaster
For the club or individual who wants a huge airplane that can carry cameras, drop parachute guys or candy, fly incredibly slowly and still be transported in a regular car - the 12 Foot Telemaster ARF is it. Every flying event that we took the original kit-built 12 foot Telemaster to brought out the same question again and again - "Do you have this in an ARF? I simply don't have the time, space, ability to build one but would love to have one". We listened and here it is.

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To solve the problem of how to transport the airplane we designed the fuselage in 2 parts. 3 large diameter aluminum tubes and nuts hold the halves together; assembling them takes only a minute. With all of the elevator and rudder functions controlled by servos in the tail, only electrical connections need to be made. The elevator halves are removable; each half has its own servo and slips onto an aluminum tube spar joiner. The vertical fin and rudder with tail wheel steering remain attached to the rear fuselage. The forward fuselage has two operable side doors that make access to the interior of the airplane easy.
Whether you build yours as an electric (like we did) or install a gasoline engine, this easy access is great. The forward part of the fuselage also contains the built-in drop box. It is easy to load from the top under the magnetically latched hatch and large enough to hold several pounds of candy. A central partition in the drop box allows you to drop the contents of each side independently, 2 drops during one flight.
The wings are huge (over 21 sq. ft.), and to aid in transport they are divided into 4 sections, each a little under 3 feet long. The inboard sections have large flaps and the outboard sections contain the ailerons. In flight, into a 10mph headwind with full flaps, you can just about park the Telemaster at zero ground speed. This airplane is the definition of a floater, yet with the flaps up it penetrates and handles wind well. The anodized aluminum struts are fully functional. The aluminum wing tube captures the outer strut ends for an exceptionally strong connection. The landing gear is heavy duty wire shock absorbing design and the 7” diameter wheels will allow take-offs and landings from even fairly rough fields.
An absolute joy to fly, the 12 foot Telemaster will take-off in little more than its own length and with full flaps will land in a small area. This is a great show rc plane and always a huge hit with the kids when its raining candy!
* The 12 Foot Telemaster ships in 3 large boxes and has to be delivered by Truck Freight. The shipping charge is $250.00. This product is NOT available for shipment outside of the United States and Canada.

Found 5 years, 11 months ago at Hobby-Lobby
Price $99.99