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SebArt Mig-29 Red Star Plane w/ Gyro (OVERSIZE)

Price $549.99


Wingspan36" (920 mm)
Length53" (1340 mm)

Jason Says:, "The first time I flew one, I knew it was something special. Within 30 seconds I had the tail down on deck in a hover with a huge smile on my face. That's one cool jet!", SebArt Mig-29 Red Star Includes:, Lightweight EPS Foam construction, Thrust/weight ratio 1.25:1, Here's Everything you'll need:, Radio, Technical Specifications:, SebArt Mig-29 Red Star Specs:, Wing Area:, 329 sq in (21.2 sq dm), Weight (less battery):, 57-59 oz (1625-1675g), Radio:, 7+ ch. w/9 - 9 g servos installed,


World's first production 3D EDF!
Finally, a production model EDF jet with the power to perform. 13-time Italian F3A Champion pilot Sebastiano Silvestri designed this Mig-29 to out maneuver and out perform any other edf on the market. Until now, we only dreamed of being able to hover EDF jets and pull out vertically. Now it's possible, as well as just about any other 3D style maneuver you can think of. With the thrust vectoring and huge power, flips are tighter, flat spins are faster, and you can even do knife edge with the functional rudders.
There are two color schemes to choose from and two versions for each color scheme. One comes with a gyro, and one without. Any pilot with previous 3D flight skills should have no problem flying without the gyro. If you've never flown 3D before or would like to make it easier to hover, then we recommend the version with the gyro. The gyro is connected to the thrust vectoring for the yaw axis and is only turned on when the 3D flight mode is selected by your radio setup. It allows you to only have to think about the elevator and throttle so you can hover easier with less finesse. With both versions, all you need to provide is a 4S 3800-4000mAH LiPo battery with a female Deans Ultra Plug and a 7+ channel receiver. Everything else is included and pre-installed so you can get to fun part faster.

ESCs located in the airflow for max cooling

Counter rotating fans for improved stability

Includes 2 motors, 2 fan units, 9 - 9 g servos and 2 - 45A ESCs pre-installed at the factory

Vibrant pre-painted and detailed trim scheme

Attractive cheater holes to gain airflow to fan under low speed conditions

Tough landing rails on Nacelles for belly landings

Available with optional gyro on thrust vector/rudder channel

1 -
Spektrum DX8 8Ch Transmitter w/AR8000
1 -
G6 Pro Lite 25C 4400mAh 4 Cell 14.8V LiPo

SebArt Mig-29 Red Star Manual PDF

For warranty issues, contact Thunder Power >>

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SebArt Mig-29 - The EDF of my dreams
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<< As seen on the September Issue of
Model Aviation

Heading Hold Gyro
(TP2800 & TP2900 only)

Found 5 years, 10 months ago at Hobby-Lobby
Price $549.99