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Pilot-1 Gilmore Red Lion 1/4 ARF RC Plane (OVERSIZE)


Gross Weight3892 lb
Empty Weight2492 lb
Span26 ft 2 in
Length (overall)21 ft 3 in
Max Speed304.98 mph
Year of Introduction1932
NR536V- #92
NR61Y- #121, #57, #2
NR278V- #44, #91

* Notice:, The two HUGE boxes that this product comes in makes it an Oversize Shipment that has to be delivered by Truck Freight. The additional shipping charge is $250.00. This product is NOT available for shipment outside of the United States and Canada., Production:4, NR54Y:, - Crashed in Testing, Technical Specifications:, Length:, 69-1/2", Wingspan:, 84-1/4", Flying Weight:, 21 lbs., Wing Area:, 1254 sq. in.,

Authentic 1/4 scale racing classic for electric or gas
84-1/4" wingspan, 69-1/2" long, 1254 sq. in. wing area, 21lbs. flying weight.
This is a plane from a time in history where individuals were the catalyst for change in the aviation world. It wasn't big corporations it was single guys that thought they could make planes go faster. Paramount among these innovators was Jimmy Wedell, a one time barnstormer and cross border rumrunner that had a genius for aircraft design. After he met Harry Williams and secured his financial backing, Wedell-Williams Air Service was born. From that came the most successful air racers of the 1930s a time when these privately owned aircraft were faster than anything that was being flown by the military. The Gilmore Red Lion (Race #121) was a Wedell-Williams Model 44, one of 3 model 44s that were raced. Flown by the flamboyant Roscoe Turner, the Gilmore Red Lion was arguably the best looking of the model 44s and was winner of the Thompson Trophy Race of 1934.
The Pilot-1 Gilmore Red Lion is a true to scale rendition of this famous 30s racer. The outlines are correct with only a minor increase in vertical tail area. The wing is the correct shape and in the right location requiring a notch in the lower part of the massive cowl. The wing profile is not scale, we wanted an airplane that had the great look of a 30s racer but exhibited the flight character of a good sport plane, and that is exactly what we have.
The airplane assembles quickly due to the large amount of pre-assembly done at the factory. The fiberglass fuselage is a beautifully hand laid with the authentic race graphics pre-installed and clear-coated. The stringers of the rear part of the fuselage are mimicked in the fiberglass. The landing gear are tough aluminum legs covered by the beautiful fiberglass wheel pants and legs complete with the rampant lion logo. The engine cowl is another work of art, completely pre-finished and the mounting ring pre-installed for a perfect fit with no fasteners exposed. The wings and stabilizer and rudder are the only built up and covered parts, all are covered in Oracover with the race correct graphics applied. The model includes all the flying wires and while they look complex they are not difficult to install and they add a real touch of realism to the airplane.
The model is suitable for gas engine or electric power, of course we built ours with a big AXI 53 Series motor, the motor mount for this power option is included in the kit. Access to the batteries or fuel tank is through the hatch in the top of the fuselage; the space in the interior of the airplane is huge making it easy to work on. The airplane balances with the electric motor and 12S battery pack without the addition of any ballast and the performance is astounding.
Rock solid handling without any vices; the airplane is equally at home on a runway or off of grass. As a great handling sport rc plane it will perform just about any normal aerobatic maneuver and is particularly at home in knife-edge flight. The airplane has a very benign stall and can be landed either in the 3-point stance or wheel landed.
Designed for standard sized hi torque servos such as Hitec HS-635s. You will need 5 for the electric version, one more for the throttle in a gas version. The elevators use independent servos for each half, the rudder is pull-pull and also drives the tail wheel steering.
Pilot-1 1/4 Scale Gilmore Red Lion Control Throws and CG Info in the support tab above.
This airplane turns heads when it is just sitting on the flight line, but it really comes into it's own when the wheels leave the ground, something you will want to do often.

Pilot-1 Gilmore Red Lion Manual PDF

Wedell-Williams Model 44 Race Number 121 "Gilmore Red Lion"
Introduction and History
The plane known as the Gilmore Red Lion is a Wedell-Williams Model 44, designed by Jimmy Wedell and flown by the flamboyant Roscoe Turner for his sponsor the Gilmore Oil Co. At the peak of the National Air Races in the 1930's the Wedell Model 44's were unequalled. The Granville Brothers Gee Bee is probably more famous and well known today, but in the Thompson and Bendix races the Wedell was more successful overall. In 1932 Roscoe Turner placed 3rd in both the Thompson and Bendix races. In 1933 1st and 2nd in the Thompson were Wedell Model 44's (#92 and #44) Roscoe in #121 was disqualified in this race for cutting a pylon. He did however win the Bendix race from NY to LA with a time of 11 hours 30 minutes beating Jimmy Wedell's #44 by 28 minutes. 1934 was Roscoe Turner's year for the Thompson, winning 1st place with a speed of 248.129 mph a remarkable speed for the 1930's. The Wedell Model 44's were active throughout the 30's but were never again in the top 3.
Specifications for the Full Scale Wedell-Williams Model 44

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