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Low Pass Filter for 900MHz Antennas

Price $26.99


FeaturesLow insertion loss


Super light weight (<10g!), solid construction, this low pass filter can help you improve the performance when using your 900MHz video equipment.  This low pass filter helps reduce interference from spurious transmissions that could cause decreased range of 2.4GHz RC systems, servo twitching, or reduced reception of GPS signals*.
These filters are chosen specifically with 900MHz transmitters in mind.
They include extreme filtering in the GPS frequencies (-25dB at 1.5GHz).  They aren't the "generic" filters sold by some other web pages that don't start filtering significantly until you get over 1.5GHz.
More durable than just a printed circuit board, these filters are housed in a resin filled can for high durability, even though they only weigh less than 10g.  See the graph in the pictures below for transmission data.
SMA connectors
Light weight (<10g)
Strong construction
-25dB attenuation at 1.5GHz
-39dB attenuation at 2.4GHz
Insertion loss less than 0.7dB in the 900MHz band
50 Ohm impedance
10W Max Power
-55C-100C Operating Temperature Range
Transmitter and antenna not included!
*May not eliminate all RF noise.  Some noise can be radiated directly from the transmitter case and wiring.  Some items may still have reduced performance because of sensitivity to the primary frequency from your video transmitter.  Another way to reduce radiated noise from your transmitter is to run your power/video cables multiple times through a
ferrite ring
next to the transmitter

Found 5 years, 11 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $26.99