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F-86 Skyblazers EDF Jet Airframe Only

Price $89.99


Technical Specifications:, Length:, 27-1/2", Wingspan:, 27-1/2", Flying Weight:, 16-1/2 oz., Controls:, Ailerons, Elevator, Throttle,


Add your own electronics and radio equipment
Before the Thunderbirds there was the Skyblazers. Formed in 1949 from members of the 22nd fighter squadron of the 36th fighter wing in Europe. They began flying the F-80 Shooting Star, but moved on to the F-84 Thunderjet and finally, and most famously, to the F-86 Saber. The team performed over 250 demonstrations in Europe and became the seed of what was to become the Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team.
Airframe Only Version
- Includes ducted fan. Our F-86 has a 27-1/2" wingspan and is 27-1/2" long with a 17 oz. flying weight. Pre-painted and designed for simple everyday flying, the model is hand launched and lands on the reinforced drop tanks.
The F-86 Skyblazers is also available in an
Almost Ready to Fly version

Found 5 years, 10 months ago at Hobby-Lobby
Price $89.99