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Two Cylinder Engine R/C Glow Plug Driver

Price $12.99


Input power plugJST
Glow plug wire length175mm

Features:, • LED working state indicator, Specs:, Working voltage:, 3.2V~8.4V (1~2S LiXX),


This device is a remotely controlled glow plug driver that's designed specifically for two-cylinder engines. The user can control the glow plug on/off state through a channel on the transmitter.
The device can adjust output current automatically according to the operation state of the glow plug to ensure the best working temperature. It's driven directly through low frequency pulse width, because of this it offers high efficiency and no signal interference.
It features overtime and low voltage protection, automatically switching off when continuous working time is more than 5 minutes or if working voltage is less than 3V. This is to avoid over-discharging of the battery. It also features short circuit and overheat protection.
• Remote operation via transmitter channel
• Auto-current adjustment based on temperature of glow plug
• Overtime, low voltage, overheat and short circuit protection

Found 5 years, 4 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $12.99