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Turnigy Belt Drive Starter for 2-stroke 160 & 110 Size Gas Engines

Price $38.13


Size192 x 80 x 113mm

Engine class:, Airplane 2-stroke 160 class /Heli 2-stroke 110 class, *Note:, Do not use more than 18V,


Turnigy Starter for 2-stroke 160 & 90 Size Gas Engines.
A high efficiency motor combined with a reduced belt system make this a smooth starting and easy to hold starter motor. Equipped with an aluminum starter cone and round rubber insert for helicopter and airplane spinner cones.
Easy-press start switch makes starting easy without requiring heavy finger Pressure and a built-in finger-Guard promises Safe Starts. The smaller diameter motor case also means it's easier to hold when starting large motors.
Turnigy Belt Drive starter motor has two slots for 7.2v or similar packs. Pre-Attached Tamiya plugs for two 2S batteries and aligator Clips for easy attachment to a 12V battery with the help of a tamiya plug on the other end.

Suitable battery;

2x7.4V 2000mah Ni-MH

4S1P 14.8V 2200mah Lipo

PB (Lead-acid battery) 12V DC power source





Found 5 years, 5 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $38.13