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Sky Surfer RTF Brushless (1.4m)

Price $124.99


Wingspan1372mm (54 inch)
Length915mm (36 inch)
Flying Weight624g (22 oz)
Drive System2620 Brushless
Speed Controller20A
*NOTECurrent version uses bullet type connectors and not deans/t-connector types
Battery11.1V 1300mAh Li-Po  (basic charger included)
*NOTECurrent version uses bullet type connectors and not deans/t-connector types
Control system4 CH 2.4GHz
Radio Control Range3000

*Note: There are people looking at what they are calling "version 1" and "version 2" of this plane.  They really aren't version 1 or 2, but they are just different versions of this plane.  Mine are what people are calling version 1, just as the pictures show.  This is MUCH better for FPV since there is a ton of space inside the fuselage.  The "version 2" planes ruined the usefulness for FPV by putting the servos and control arms inside the fuselage.  The tubes for the control arms add strength to the fuselage in this version.  My store is focused on FPV, so the equipment I carry will be what is best for FPV!, *Not to be distributed or linked to by other companies who like to take other people's work.  You know who you are... :), Servos:, 4X 9g high speed micro, Requires:, , Note for beginner pilots:  Although this plane is super easy to fly, it's a good idea to find local flying help from an experienced pilot.  This can help with the small amount of assembly that is required and with the first flights.  It's difficult to give support remotely when someone is totally new to the hobby, so the local help and help from,


RTF with pre-installed servos,
brushless motor
, ESC, and 2.4GHz rc system.  You only need to assemble the tail section and you'll be flying! (Requires 8AA batteries for transmitter and
for assembly)

A super plane for beginners and advanced pilots, and great for FPV flying.  Super stable and well-behaved.  Not a monster to carry around like some of the other FPV planes.  Durable EPO foam.

The inside of the fuselage has tons of space for equipment!*

FPV pod available
Custom ReadyMadeRC Instructions located

Outrunner motor

Brushless speed controller


Multifunctional Transmitter
and Receiver

feet (1000m)

8 x AA Batteries for TX

Medium CA glue

12V power supply (comes with a cable to attach to a car battery)

online forums
can go a long way to making the first flights go smoothly.

Found 4 years, 10 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $124.99