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SimpleOSD X2

Price $39.99


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Latest version of legendary SimpleOSD.

SimpleOSD X2 edition is the lightest OSD system on the planet (O

And the size is smaller than previous SimpleOSD versions.

The concept of SimpleOSD is "flying like a bird without OSD scraps on the screen"

This is why SimpleOSD uses smallest fonts and has only 1 line OSD information on top with out default firmware.
By the way the hardware is open source. You can write your own code or upload other compatible OSD codes into the hardware with a standard FTDI Cable.

FTDI Connection

Working with both DIY-OSD(open source) and SimpleOSD XL(close code) firmwares. (compatible SimpleOSD XL firmware coming soon)

16Mhz Atmega328 Processor with Arduino Boot

Standard 6 Pin FTDI Port for PC connection and other Serial sensors as GPS

100% compatible with DIY-OSD Project.

On-Board Voltage Sensor

One current sensor input

Simple  3 pin (video,+,-) connection to video system.

I2C pins ready to solder for all sensors.

4 extra Analog input pin

6 extra Digital input pin

5V regulated output  for other sensors (120mA max)

Build-in LM1881 video signal seperator

PAL & NTSC compatible

Only 1.95gr


Installation Manual of SimpleOSD XL

DIY-OSD Firmware and Discussions

5v FTDI cable or any USB to TTL cable that compatible with Arduino

Latest version
of Arduino Software for your operation system.

DIY OSD  source codes
for modifying or uploading.

Run the Arduino Software

Open DIY OSD code (File>Open)

Select right com port from your computer (Tools>Serial Port)

Select right target device (Tools>Board>Arduino Pro or Pro Mini 5V,16Mhz with Atmega328)

Connect the FTDI cable to SimpleOSD X2

Press the load button of software and wait for done.

That's all.

*If any problem about Arduino Software, you can follow their community forums.

Found 2 years, 6 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $39.99