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STROBON Navigation Strobe (Green) with wire

Price $12.50


It’s really a powerful strobe with low power consumption (50mA per hours) and it saves your plane's life when you lose the orientation or plane’s current position at night.

STROBON drives the white power LED with 1000mA  for 40ms (2 x 20ms pulses) on every second and this generates very bright flashes with very low power consumption (50mAh).

It is allowing 2 different working modes, RC mode or Standalone.

Power it with directly from battery (4-6v) it works on Standalone mode and strobes continuously.

Plug it on your RC receiver’s any channel for RC mode, then you can On/Off  it over servo channel.

We tested it since months and followed the flashes from 2km at the dark without any problem.



Supply Voltage

3 - 6 volt from servo channel

Operating Temperature

-40 to +105 °C

Current Consumption

50mA (1A pulses for 2x20ms)

Dimensions( L X W X H)

5mm X 20mm X 23mm


1.50 gram without wires

Found 2 years, 6 months ago at ReadyMadeRC
Price $12.50