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Rlink 8R diversity receiver

Spec:, The first UHF solution support 16-chan perfectly, proven with Taranis X9D and Jeti DC16., Your purchase includes:, 1 * Rlink 8R diversity receiver,

Based on the latest RF solution, super high sensitivity as -115dBm.
Proven robust super fast frequency hopping algorithm, combined with Unique ID for every module(RAFHSS), ensure the excellent interference-immunity capacity.
Support nearly all radios in the market from 2 channels to 18 channels if there is a trainer port included.
Low and high power mode switchable(400mw and 800mw)
Failsafe set in the Tx side by simply pressing one button.
Support both 2-axis and 3-axis head-tracker directly, and randomly mapping the tracking channel among the 16 channels.
Support 2 PPM source input separately and randomly mapping
Support 1 Tx to multiple Rxs and multiple Txs to 1 Rx.
Frequency band configurable among 410-510Mhz(default 431-441Mhz).
MicroUSB port included for configuration and firmware update, no need extra flash tools, no need any driver installed, support all OS systems,super easy to use.
EXT port for extension, support Futaba Sbus and Spektrum/JR Satellite port and plan to support Joystick control, etc.
Dual-direction communication is ready.
Rich audio warnings for low voltage, wrong PPM connection or input, power switch, failsafe setting, binding, etc.
Custom brushed metal case, well shielded and good heat dissipation, the lightest weight(64g only) make it easy to set up to your radio and won’t affect the COG.
Diversity receiver with dual LED indicators, greatly improve performance.
CPPM output in separated channel in the Rx side.
RSSI output(analog buffered) in separated channel in the Rx side.
Can-bus interface included in the Rx side for extension.
Custom antennas with low VSWR for best performance.
Different receivers to choose for different applications
Fully tested with Futaba, Spektrum/JR, Turnigy/Flysky/imax 9x2, Frsky Taranis, Jeti, TDF, walkera, etc..

2 * white tuned antennas(431-438Mhz)

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Found 9 years, 11 months ago

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