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R5800DX DUO 5.8 GHz Diversity Receiver - 2 in1 for double reception

- 8 Selectable channelsDIP switches (4 switches for each built-in receiver)
- Working FrequenciesCH1
- Working voltage8-12 VDC (runs cooler with 8V)
- Receiving sensitivity< -90dBm
- Receiving frequencyISM 5.8GHz 8CH
- Antenna port50ohm SMA
- AntennaGain
- Power supplyDC12V 220mA
- Video output level1Vp-p @ 75ohm
- Audio output level1Vp-p @ 10Kohm
- Dimensions76 x 64 x 18 mm
- Current consumption120mAh
Receiver 1 Channel setupDIP switches 1 2 3
Receiver 2 Channel setupDIP switches 4 5 6

Details:, The R5800DX Duo receiver was developed not only improve the reception quality and range but also to have better coverage., Note:, If your transmitter was purchased before October 2012 it may no be compatible with the R5800DX Duo Diversity Receiver.,

Another great advantage of this receiver is to be able to upgrade the stock antennas to two different antennas, one for short range and 360° and second antenna for long range directional antenna (i.e.
Helical Axial Antenna
This receiver is a perfect match for
TX-V582, TX-584 and TX-V585 transmitters
, also it's fully compatible with
FPV582, FPV584 and FPV585

The R5800DX also has with two (2) audion and video outputs to easy connect two video displays or 1x video display and 1x video recorder simultaneously.
We definitely recommend upgrading the stock 2dBI whip antenna with
high performance antennas
to increase the range getting the best performance of this receiver, getting ranges about 2000 + meters (1.5 miles).


- Two R5800X receivers in one single case.
- Dual (2x) A/V outputs.
- Weight 89 grams (3.1 oz).

- R5800DX 5.8 GHz pocket size dual receiver receiver.
- Receiver's power plug with leads
- Receiver's A/V out cable with RCA plugs
- 2x 2dBi whip antenna

R5800DX DIP switches configuration.

DIP switches 7 and 8 turn the Receiver 1 and 2 ON/OFF.

This receiver is not RPSMA, it does not need any SMA adapter to upgrade to
high performance antennas.

It's not compatible with ImmersionRC transmitters.

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Found 10 years, 8 months ago

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