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Features- OSD board

Details:, , The BlackStork OSD package includes:, - OSD unit - 1.5 version latest firmware, Troubleshooting your OSD:, If you are experiencing a problem with you OSD, here is a easy way to troubleshoot it.,

After the great success of the Black Stork I, now the we are proud to introduce the Black Stork II.

Now it's one of the smallest OSD available in the market today, but with all the important features plus, for a safe and relaxing flight.
Like the previous versions, this package includes everything, so no need to spend extra $$$ buying sensors, adapters and other accessories. It's fully functional with many useful features right out of the box.
It's a true Plug & Fly device, required no electronic knowledge to be used.

With 3 push buttons built in the unit providing easy and quick configuration at the field as well.
A Fail Safe and Mayday feature to help to find the plane in case of accident. Black Stork OSD II shows the power level from multiple sources.
If you get disorientated during the flight, a
directional arrow on the screen will indicate the direction to bring the plane
back to the take off area, also known as "Home".

The OSD is ready for its own antenna patch tracking (coming soon,)
and it's fully compatible with NTSC or PAL video format.


- 50 Amps current sensor, with cable and Dean's connectors
- LS20033 10Hz GPS
- Speed
- Distance to base
- Motor & Video battery voltage

Configurable alarms including Fail safe interaction

4 Flying screens (including F16 HUB style screen) switchable from RC transmitter

- A
ntenna tracking ready (coming out soon)
- Motor Current Consumption
- Battery Usage & Power Gauge (motor)
Dynamic directional arrow ( return home)
- Altitude variometer
- Flight-time

- GPS antenna
- 50 Amps Current Sensor
- 2 cables for connection to RC receiver
- 2 cables for video In/Out
- 1 cable for GPS connection
- 1 cable for video battery input

- 1 Harness cable (Fully compatible with AvionicsRC/ Fatshark / ImmersionRC

Manual in English
The USB firmware upgrade Key is availabe

Click here

First of all check your OSD system stand alone by plugging it to a display (tv, monitor, video  glasses...), without connecting the camera and in an open sky area, not inside a building. If the system works (what should happen) try to continue adding things to the OSD (camera, transmitter, etc) and restart the system each time you add a new element.
This is very simple way to indentify what is causing the problem.

If you are having some characters cut please go to

and download the lastest firmware. After you have downloaded it, open the file then you'll find 2 files, 1 of this files is named FW(latest version)_centered_characters.hex, load it your Black Stork by using the


If the problem has been caused by RF noise (interference) generated by a electronic device, then try to keep the device as far as possible from the OSD, that should help you to solve the problem.

Problems with changing the screen or adjust your OSD via R/C radio can be caused by channel travel limits, try to increase the travel limits for the channel (i.e. CH5 and CH6) more than +100% and -100% or as much as your radio can.

By doing this you should be able to have the channels working flawlessly.

Check price and availability

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