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BEV-FY-605 data radio

Price $290.00


Size85*54*20 mm
â—†InterfaceTTL/RS232/485 by the user select (required custom);
â—†Receiver sensitivity-123dBm
â—†Interface rate1200/2400/4800/9600/19200bps/38400bps;
â—†Channel rate1200/2400/4800/9600/19200bps/38400bps;
â—†Power dissipationPower 2W, maximum transmitter current <1.5A, receiving current <50mA,
â—†IO scheduling function2 input switch interface, two output switch interface
â—†Supply VoltageDC +4.5V~+5.5Vï¼›
â—†Volume85mm×54mm×20mm(Without antenna base)
â—†Interoperability ModelFY602

Include:, One pair of radio modules, Features:, Small size, light weight, simple interface, easy installation;, Main applications:, UAV telemetry data wireless transmission. Wireless meter reading, PTZ control, industrial equipment data acquisition, a variety of switch control., Key Features:, â—†Air-to-ground line of sight and reliable transmission distance of up to 10000~20000m; using GFSK modulation mode;,


Two antennas

related wires and cables

Fully shielded, suitable for external use;
Strong narrowband interference.High receiver sensitivity;
â—†Carrier frequency 433 MHz; ISM band, no need to apply for band;
â—†Provides 16 channels;
â—†Automatically finish conversion of send and receive data, as long as the interface to
send / receive data, conversion time is short;
â—†Transceiver Conversion Time<20ms;
â—†Can be used for point to point, point to multipoint, multi-point to point communications and many other combinations;
â—†Transparent data transmission
â—†Auto- filter out false data generated by the air, long-term reliability is good, very low failure rate;
minimum sleep current <0.1mA
â—†Operating Humidity 10% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing

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Price $290.00