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2400Mhz High Pass Filter

Price $39.95


Features / Specifications:, Designed for 2.4GHz wireless video or data transmitters.,


This High Pass Filter is designed to attenuate radiated EMI/RFI from a 2.4GHz video or data transmitter that is affecting a nearby GPS receiver. It can also be used when the 2.4GHz Tx's radiated noise interferes with other nearby receivers that operate within the 27MHz to 1570MHz RF region.

2010 design, the popular DPCAV Low Pass Antenna Filter is slimmer, stronger, and just plain sexier. Not to worry, the new in-line design has the same great filter performance as before!

Installation is as simple as removing the antenna and then attaching the filter. Works with all popular transmitter antennas that use standard SMA connectors.

Passband 2300MHz to 5000MHz with <1.5dB loss (typical).

Efficient monolithic LC multi-pole topography design.

Attenuates radiated EMI/RFI in GPS band by -22dB.

Attenuates radiated EMI/RFI in the VHF band by -60dB.

SMA connectors (male / female).

Inserts between transmitter and antenna.

Characteristic impedance 50Ω.

Supports RF power up to 6 watts.

Small size, 1.45 x 0.39 x 0.35 inches (35 x 10 x 9 mm).

Lightweight, 6 grams.

Found 5 years, 10 months ago at ngHobbies
Price $39.95