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1W LM 1.2GHz Transmitter

Price $94.95


Features:, Frequency Band:, 1200MHz, Number of Channels:, 8, Audio Sub-carrier:, 5.5MHz, Transmission Range:, 500 Meter plus, Power Consumption:, 450mA, Output Power:, 1000mW, Operation Voltage:, 12, Power Supply:, 12V/500mA, Antenna Connector:, SMA Connector, Weight:, 30 g, Dimensions:, 26 x 50 x 13 mm, Documentation:, , Warranty:, 6 months, Note:, The use and operation of this product will require a HAM or Amateur radio license., Important note for Canada customers:,


If this transmitter is ordered/shipped to a USA address, it will be locked down to 1280Mhz, user cannot change channel. (FCC restriction.)

Highly integrated 1.2 GHz transmitter with well known quality and reliability from LawMate Technology. The digital phase-lock-loop circuit eliminates all drifting problems even under high temperatures. Compact size, very low power consumption.

Recommended Receiver

Rx-1260 or Rx-1280B




Please note, channels 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 of this transmitter are outside of the allowed frequency spectrum for Canada. These channels cannot be legally used even if you have a Radio Amateur or HAM license. Please make sure that you obey Industry Canada regulations around use of these devices and use them only on channel 8. New Generation Hobbies cannot be held responsible for using these transmitters on channels which are outside of the legal allowed frequency ranges.

For all other countries

please check the regulation around amateur use and frequency spectrums before ordering this product.

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Price $94.95