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12 Ch Digital Display Receiver

Price $34.95


Features:, Frequency Band:, 900MHz - 1300Mhz, Number of Channels:, 12, Channels:, 0:910 MHz, 1:980 MHz, 2:1010 MHz, 3:1040 MHz, 4:1080 MHz, 5:1120 MHz,, 6:1160 MHz, 7:1200 MHz, 8:1240 MHz, 9:1280 MHz, A:1320 MHz, B:1360 MHz, Video Output:, 75 Ohm, RCA, Power Consumption:, 250mA, Audio Output:, 10k Ohm, RCA, Power Supply:, 12V/500mA, Antenna Connector:, SMA Connector, Weight:, 140 g, Dimensions:, 115 x 80 x 21 mm, Warranty:, 3 months, Note:, Please note this receiver comes without a power supply.,


Highly integrated 12 channel digital display receiver. Compact size. Manual up-down channel switcher. This unit requires external power supply or battery to operate. (Not included)

Operation Voltage

DC 12V



Found 5 years, 11 months ago at ngHobbies
Price $34.95