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Turnigy dlux 250A HV 14s 60v ESC

Price $199.99
Turnigy dlux 250A HV 14s 60v ESC Turnigy dlux 250A HV 14s 60v ESC Turnigy dlux 250A HV 14s 60v ESC


NoteThis in an OPTO ESC you will require an external BEC or Receiver battery.
Max Cont Current250A
Max Burst Current275A
Max RPM (2-pole)200,000rpm
Size135 x 77 x 50mm
Battery PlugNil
Battery TypeLixx / Nimh
Default factory settingsBrake
BatteryLiPo Auto Detect
Low Voltage Cut3.2v (power down motor)

Specs:, Motor Plug:, Female 6mm bullet Connector, Features:, Low Internal Resistance, Programming Options:,


Turnigy® dlux ESCs have set a new bench mark in quality and performance.
Each ESC uses a twin PCB design separating the motor power supply & MCU. This design allows for optimum component layout on each PCB and provides the ideal configuration for heat dissipation and thermal efficiency. Both PCBs are enclosed in an aluminum heat sink casing to ensure maximum heat dispersion. The switching Fet's in this ESC are genuine top quality International Rectifier HEXFET's.
All Turnigy dlux ESCs can be programmed via a programing card or by transmitter.
Low Operating Temperature
Over Temperature Protection
Spark Eliminator
High Quality Hexfets (Mosfets)
Soft Start
LV Cut off Type (Ignore, Reduce Power, Stop Motor)
LV Cut off setting
Switching (8,16kHz)
Factory Restore
HEXFET® is a registered trade mark of International Rectifier Group California, USA.

Found 5 years, 3 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $199.99