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Turnigy Min Power Distributor Eco (Green)

Price $34.26


Input voltage5-6V
Max output load30A
Working temperature-20 to 85 degrees c
Dimensions116mm x 88mm x 13mm

This unit has great features, which include: Dual battery input to increase reliability, 8 channel RX input with dual outputs on each channel - simplifying dual servo control surfaces., Note:, This Power Distributor passes battery input voltage to all connected devices, Features:, • 8 input channels, Specs:, Input channels:8, Output channels:16, Output voltage:, Input voltage pass through, RX power:, Input voltage pass through,


Turnigy introduce the Min Power Distributor (Green) suited to 20cc plus gas powered models.
This is the first Power Distributor system to securely nest the receiver within the power distribution 'block' thereby shortening cable runs, adding protection to your all important receiver & speeding set up time.
• 16 output channels
• 3 Status check LEDs
• Padded receiver tray & Secure mounting

Found 5 years, 5 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $34.26