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HobbyWing LED Program Card For RC Boat Brushless ESC (Version2)

This item is no longer available at the original page of online shop.
Price $7.99


Weight0.050 kg
FeaturesVersion 2
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Write a Review 1.1 Size  88mm (L) * 58mm (W) * 14mm (H)
1.2 Weight  40g.

Score : 8, 1.3 Input Voltage:  4.8-6V (If the ESC hasn’t a built-in BEC, you must use an additional battery pack to supply the program card)    2  Programmable Items  , C)  The programmable items of LED_PC2C  (Available for XERUN and EZRUN series car ESC of Version2)   #1    Running Mode #2    Drag Brake Force #3    Low Voltage Cut-Off Threshold #4    Start Mode #5    Maximum Brake Force #6    Maximum Reverse Force #7    Initial Brake Force #8    Throttle Neutral Range #9    Timing #10  Over-Heat Protection #11    Motor Rotation #12    Lipo Cells (Note: The item #11 and #12 are not available for XERUN series ESC of Version 2, they only available for EZRUN series ESC)   ,          Front Panel Picture of LED_PC2C:,


This program card is used to set the programmable parameters of brushless ESC, it has a friendly user interface to set the programmable parameters very easily. It is pocket-sized, so you can bring it to the racing or flying field conveniently.
This program card has 3 kinds of front panel to suitable for the following ESCs:
A)  Product Number:  LED_PC2A
      This is available for PLATINUM series aircraft/heli ESC; B)  Product Number:  LED_PC2B
      This is available for  SEAKING series boat ESC; C)  Product Number:  LED_PC2C
      This is available for  XERUN and EZRUN series (Version 2.0 ) car ESC;
The hardware and software of the above 3 models of program cards are identical, so you can print the different front panel when using the program card with different ESC. 
1  Specification A)  The programmable items of LED_PC2A  (Available for PLATINUM series aircraft/heli ESC)   #1    Brake Setting #2    Battery Type #3    Low Voltage Protection Mode (Cutoff Mode) #4    Low Voltage Protection Threshold (Cutoff Threshold) #5    Start Mode #6    Timing #7    Governor Mode #8    Motor Type #9    PWM Frequency #10  Built-In BEC Output #11  Motor Load #12  Lipo Cells
         Front Panel Picture of LED_PC2A:  
B)  The programmable items of LED_PC2B  (Available for SEAKING series boat ESC)  #1    Running Mode #2    Lipo Cells #3    Low Voltage Cutoff Threshold  #4    Timing
Front Panel Picture of LED_PC2B:  

Found 5 years, 12 months ago at RCTimer
Price $7.99