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hexTronik Balancer/Charger Dual Charge Capable



Input Voltage9~15V DC
Output(8.4v x 2) OR (12.6v x 1) OR (16.8v x 1)
Plug typeJST-XH, to suit hexTronik, Dualsky, Aling and many other brands with JST-XH charge plugs.


hexTronik Balancer/Charger Dual Charge Capable (JST-XH Plug)
This charger differs from others in that it is built to be used in your car when at the field. It doesnt require a complicated wiring harness and fiddly button pressing/LCD reading setup for each battery. Just plug your pack in and it starts charging. Its robust case and built in charging fan ensure its operation long into the future.
Auto balancing
Auto Overcharge Protection
Each cell charged individually, making charging quicker than other chargers that charge and bleed cells to balance them.
This charger comes with a balancer and overcharge protection inbuilt.
It can charge 2S to 4S packs and can also do TWO 2S packs at ONCE!! Which is a real bonus!
The charge port connection fits all Polymax, hexTronik, Dualsky, Align, Kokam etc.. battery ports.
You can adjust the charge rate from .5A up to 2.0A for a fast charge.
We use this charger to balance and charge packs sent back to us by customers under warranty returns.
Our staff have around 50 perfectly working packs for our fly-days. These packs were sent back to us from customers who could not charge or get the pack to balance with their own charger. If it wasnt for the chargers cell restoration slow-charge, we would have sent the faulty packs to the recyclers.
Although this charger doesnt have a fancy LCD screen, it is a solid workhorse and will charge and balance packs perfectly. We highly recommend it.

Found 5 years, 3 months ago at HobbyKing
Price $24.95